Essence Spring/Summer 2016 Eye range

Essence Make Up Ireland have launched some new products into their range. I have a serious love affair with Essence it all started with their nail polish and it grew into their lipsticks, eyeshadow, mascara, well the whole range if I am admitting it. I can't pass the stand without looking to see if there is something new on it for me to pick up. I must have nearly all the lipsticks at this point. I was very intrigued to get the information about their latest products. 

Essence stands for trendy, unique and high-quality cosmetics products!Seeing your own trends and individually determining your style – day after day! Essence stands for a clear NO to animal testing and YES to the best possible quality at particularly favorable prices so that you can always try out new looks. Innovative products, the most fashionable colours of the season and high-quality textures – now girls won’t just look good, they’ll feel great, too! essence – Europe’s number 1 cosmetics brand. As of February, the spring/summer season is about to become even more attractive with lots of must-have products that are joining the essence range. Cool looks with a wow-effect are guaranteed! The coming season is going to be colorful – but nude, pastel and smokey looks will also continue to flatter all beauties. One of the biggest trends is white in all its facets, no matter whether it is applied as eyeliner, eyeshadow or on your nails. Lots of product highlights are coming this spring/summer. New mascaras provide extreme volume while glossy lipbalms pamper the lips. Combination products create a perfectly contoured complexion. Always wanted: the new it nail polishes in trendy, light nuances, but also in bold colours and metallic effects. Essence never fails to surprise with its unique products and is sure to make all girls stand out from the crowd.

I am going to start with the latest products to hit the eye shelf.

I ♥ colour intensifying eyeshadow base €3.10

Colour push. Used as a primer, the eyeshadow base makes every eyeshadow even brighter, more colour intensive and longer-lasting. The creamy texture in soft rosé can also be worn alone and won’t settle in the crease. This is a new lighter shade, I have the old shade and I love it, it really is an excellent primer.

dip eyeliner €3.10 / dip eyeliner waterproof €3.50

Straight line. Easy to apply, the new dip eyeliner allows a multitude of eyeliner looks. The deepblack
texture offers perfect coverage, is longlasting and also available in a waterproof version. I love a good black eyeliner and if it works as easy as it looks then it will be a superstar.

2 in 1 eyeshadow & liner €3.50

Eyeshadow or eyeliner? Both! The conical shape of the mine is easy to apply as an eyeliner and can be used as an eyeshadow, too. No matter whether natural or intensive – everything is possible with the 2 in 1 eyeshadow & liner. It comes in it-colours like black, nude and mauve with matt, shimmering or satin effects. Available in a total of six colours. I love these type of eyeshadows for intensifying an eyeshadow look and I would use it as a base. 

the velvets eyeshadow €2.50

Like velvet! With a soft, especially supple texture in colours like nude, burgundy or grey, the new velvet eyeshadows put the focus on the eyes. With a trendy, chequered embossment on the surface. Available in a total of nine colours. These sound fab. 

liquid ink eyeliner €3.10

Statement eyeliner looks are now created with the new liquid ink eyeliner. The selection: two cool "the darks" in dark shades like purple and grey with a metallic effect. For subtle daily looks or party styles. Available in a total of two colours. Purple eyeliner oh yes please!

Forbidden volume mascara / forbidden volume rebel mascara €3.80

So good, it should be forbidden! The new duo for dramatic volume without clumping. The conic fiber brush of the forbidden volume mascara creates incredibly voluminous lashes – with just one application. More and more: the “rebel” version offers even more intense, instant volume thanks to the
special design of the fiber brush with alternating shorter and longer fibers. No limit! I love a great mascara and these sound right up my street. 

rock’n’doll mascara €3.50

Next superstar! The slightly curved fiber brush of the new rock΄n΄doll mascara provides breathtaking volume. It reaches each individual lash to ensure an eyeopening effect. Incredible, sweeping lashes… on stage or on the street. Me and mascara are a match made in heaven. 

forbidden volume false lash mascara topcoat €3.50

False lashes? There’s no need with this topcoat! Enriched with black fibers, it can be applied on top of any mascara. A cool combination product – also for use with the two forbidden volume mascaras – to create an intensive, dramatic look with a false-lash effect.Who doesn't love a good false lash effect I need this.

superfine eyeliner pen waterproof €3.50

Accurate work. As of February, the superfine eyeliner pen will be available in a waterproof version. The precision pen has an extremely slim applicator with a felt tip to create thin as well as broad eyeliner styles. Longer lasting than ever before thanks to the waterproof texture.

eyebrow gel colour & shape €3.80

Colour and shape! The new eyebrow gel perfectly forms and accentuates the brows. The gel leaves behind a pleasant, powdery finish and long-lasting results. Available in one colour that suits most eyebrows – natural brown. I love a good brow gel and this one is definitely next on my purchase list. 

So those are the latest additions to the Essence Eye range, they are definitely some products in there that I NEED to pick up. All are available since February so get out there and check out the stands. Locally these are available in Waterford Health Park Pharmacy, Penneys, Sam McCauley Chemists. 

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