Multi Lift Serum by Declaré

Anti-aging enters a new dimension

Multi Lift Serum by Declaré

The new “all-in-one” multi lift serum by Declaré is a genuine all-rounder when it comes to anti-aging: it redefines and tightens your facial contours, makes your skin feel firmer and smoother, and gives you a perfect, even and radiant complexion. Instant visible impact!

Say goodbye to wrinkles, sagging contours or fatigued facial muscles. Multi Lift by Declaré corrects undesirable, age-induced skin changes efficiently and swiftly. This highly effective serum gives you a gentle face-lift with excellent results.

Besides tightening and firming up your facial contours, it also plumps up wrinkles and lines immediately – your skin looks and feels firmer after the very first application. This new anti-aging product also regulates the formation of melanin, making dark patches fade. The result: your skin appears radiantly fresh and balanced. The serum also considerably improves skin density, making your skin feel palpably firmer.

At its heart is Declaré src complex TM (sensitivity reducing complex). Sensitive skin needs support to protect it against outer stress factors (environmental influences, damaging effects of free radicals, or mechanical or chemical factors). Thus an essential component of the new Multi Lift Serum is the highly effective Declaré src-complexTM. This highly active combination of valuable ingredients (biosensiline, biostructurine and ectoine) reduces the skin’s level of sensitivity and makes it more resilient. Skin irritations, rashes and itching are reduced.

The micromolecule marine collagen spreads an invisible film over your skin which binds moisture, thus instantly and visibly bolstering up fine lines and wrinkles.

Ribwort plantain – a herb which grows throughout Europe – was once used as an alternative in salads, and is still used today as a delicacy in haute cuisine. Ribwort plantain is also no stranger to practitioners of alternative medicine. Thanks to its cooling and analgesic properties, it is particularly soothing after nasty insect bites. Declaré, however, has also discovered a completely new and highly effective side to the plant: its anti-aging effect. For the first time ever, it was possible to extract cytoplasm from the leaves, containing a high concentration of reproducible plantamajosides. The results after just one month: skin was 31% firmer, elasticity improved by 23%, and skin density improved by 35%.

Pentavitin provides an extra portion of long-lasting moisture. This active ingredient is extracted from vegetable-based D-glucose, and is responsible for making your skin feel palpably soft and supple.

Hyaluronic acid also has an effective anti-aging impact. Replicating the skin’s own moisture with amazing precision, long chain hyaluronic acid makes the surface of the skin feel incredibly soft and smooth. Deep down in the skin, short chain hyaluronic acid demonstrates its intensive anti-aging properties.

Declaré tip to enhance the “lifting” effect of Multi Lift Serum: first apply the serum carefully to your face, neck and décolleté, then stroke gently with your fingers from your neck in the direction of your chin, and then from your chin across to each ear lobe.

Multi Lift Serum, 50 ml dropper

Available from April from selected pharmacies.

Recommended retail price: €59.50

In the late 70s, Declaré Switzerland was the first manufacturer in the world to develop cosmetics for sensitive skin. The vision that motivated them back then still holds true today: to meet the demands for beauty, produce products which are skin-friendly and effective, and thus meet the wishes and needs of men and women. Declaré Switzerland is regarded internationally as the market leader for cosmetics for sensitive skin. The company headquarters are located in a modern distribution, training and logistics centre on the banks of Lake Constance. An innovative family-owned beauty business, with the brand’s creator Karl J Troll still very much involved in the company, Declaré remains true to its original 30 year old mission of creating luxury skincare products for sensitive skin that are ‘more than skin-deep’!

Proven Results for Sensitive Skin
Over 50% of the population has sensitive skin - which reacts to stimulants more rapidly and intensely than normal skin, but consistent use of the Declaré specialist range will almost entirely eliminate the problem and restore vitality and radiance.   Products are so sensitive that the cleansing milks are mild and effective enough for use on the eye area, and present no problem for contact lens wearers either.

Dermatological tests of the range show a 70% reduction in skin sensitivity in just 28 days, and almost immediate relief of redness and irritation in extra-dry skin.  A 57% reduction in wrinkles within a month has also been independently verified.

Packaging-wise Declaré looks a bit like Lancôme, and the brand name may be confused with Decléor, although the Paris manufactured skincare range is a completely separate brand and company to Declaré Switzerland.

According to Karen Dempsey of KD Cosmetics, Declaré lreland distributors “Declaré consistently features in top-ten product awards and beauty rankings on the continent, alongside leading brands such as Shiseido, Estee Lauder, Clarins, Clinique and Lancôme, and offers savvy shoppers, who can’t afford to cut corners on good skincare, a really affordable alternative”.

Discover Declaré Switzerland and unveil the beauty of sensitive skin.

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