Ziaja Goat's Milk Hair Care Range

A few weeks ago the lovely Barbara sent me two products from the new range of Ziaja Goat's Milk Hair Care range. My hair at that time wasn't in the best condition. Since I lost my hair over 2 years ago it has been progressively growing back. But at the moment their is good length in it but the ends seem to be extremely dry no matter what I used. So naturally enough I was super excited to try out these new products. The claim to bring winter hair back to life, especially restoring stressed out hair, well that is well and truly my mane of locks. Winter is harsh and constant changes in humidity from the cold air outside to indoor central heating can leave it brittle, frizzy and dried out. 

Ziaja goat’s milk hair products combine keratin and goat’s milk proteins to rebuild damaged hair structure, improve its flexibility and prevent brittleness resulting in an increase in shine, volume and less frizz. Our hair consists of 90% keratin proteins that are constantly being stripped out due to environmental and chemical stress. Ziaja goat’s milk hair product replenish the proteins and nutrients to your strands and restore them to their natural state. All of the products are dermatologically and allergy tested and no ziaja product or ingredients are tested on animals.

The two products I received were the new shampoo and the hair mask. So the shampoo claims to repair dry dull and matte hair and restore beautifully nourished locks. It contains active ingredients of fitokerating and goat's milk proteins combined in a mild moisturising everyday formula that gently washes the hair and scalp. My hair felt lovely and soft after use. It felt like it had been given a tonic and once that was well needed. Regular use of the shampoo did strengthen my hair. My hair doesn't break as much as it use to now either. The hair is very manageable and looks nice and healthy. This shampoo is retailing at €3.99 which is excellent value as you get 400ml of product. It is very good value for the results that you achieve when using it. 

The next product I received was this creamy mask, it is a saviour for over-processed or damaged hair delivering an intense moisturising and strengthening treatment. Works from deep within hair to restore broken strands with fitokeratin and goat’s milk complex, while Polyquaternium-70, a highly effective conditioning ingredient along with provitamin B5 moisturise and nourish the hair’s exterior. Leaves the hair glossy and glowing and enables easy combing and styling. I currently use this mask twice a week, and it leaves my hair glossy and glowing. I honestly do not know what I ever did before hand. The combination of these two products on my hair has resulted in it looking lovely and healthy compared to before. I will post an after picture below. I don't have a before picture as to be honest I was really embarrassed at how bad a condition my hair was in. 

As you can see above it looks nice and healthy and the ends are not split or broken, 

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by the company. I pride myself in providing my readers with honest feedback of the products I am using. I will not recommend something I would not use personally. Sending me product does not guarantee a review and I accept no monetary compensation for in exchange for positive reviews.

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