Pierre Rene Professional Eyebrow Set

Professional palette for eyebrow make up, guaranteeing longlasting 24-h effect!

Unique set for women with delicate and expressive beauty. The package includes three powdered shadows; from light, medium to dark, and wax styling brow. Double applicator is perfect for professional use (a sponge to work with the shadow, a brush with wax). A few months back I received this lovely product from the lovely people at Pierre Rene. I also received there eyeliner which I will be talking about later in the week.

This palette reminds me of the HD brows palette except this one contains a wax. So you receive three powders and one wax. I love this palette as I can choose how dark I want my brows to look. I can use the light colour all over to give me a slight wash of colour for no makeup days, or I can do an ombre look or go all out dark.

The pigments of the powders are very good, there is excellent colour pay off. It is suitable for blondes and browns. There is also a version for black hair or darker hair. It retails at €15 or £12 in the UK. It can be purchased online from Pierre Rene . I love using this product when I want a nice natural brow look.

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