Tomitago Oil Cleanser

Clear, glowing, dewy-looking skin, one free of blackheads, pimples, papules, any imperfections seems to be an elusive goal among the ladies of the world. Many have been so strongly influenced by marketing claims that we need to strip the skin of oil to remove and prevent these imperfections. People start scrubbing their delicate skin with harsh cleansers which strip the skin of oil, and in return leave the skin damaged. Before I starting learning about skin care in college I like many others would have been very scared about using oil on my face. But not to worry let me explain why it is ok to do so. Oil on its own will not cause blemishes, pimples, blackheads etc. These imperfections are the result of bacteria, dead skin cells and the because the skin naturally produces oil it isn't something to be afraid of.  It occurs naturally its helps to lubricate, heal, protect and moisturise the skin so it functions properly. Skin which functions perfectly results in beautiful, clear and glowing skin. 

So how does oil cleansing work? The main concept of this cleansing method is that the oil used to massage the skin will dissolve the oil that has already hardened with impurities and dirt which is stuck to the pores will adhere to the oil cleanser. Remember likes attract and opposites repel. Oil sticks to Oil and when removed the oil which had the impurities is removed.

Now onto Tomitago and their amazing oil cleanser. Tomitago is a local company from Piltown, Co. Kilkenny. All of the products manufactured are 100% chemical free. This is a great merit of the products as chemicals are very dangerous for the skin as they disrupt the acid mantle causing lots of problems in regards to dehydration, fine lines, premature ageing. One product suits all with this range so it can be used on all skin types. The oil cleanser is a completely revolutionary product. I have loved using this product since it arrived. In college we use the Dermalogica Pre Cleanse oil in our cleanse routine and this Tomitago has outdone this in all ways of life. How do I use it? First of all i pump some cleanser into my hands, rub lightly to warm it up and then massage into my face for 3-4 mins. I make sure to get all areas of my face including my eyes and this is amazing at removing eye makeup. Once I have worked it into the skin, I then use a facecloth which has been warmed in warm water and leave it sit on the face for a minute before gently removing the product from my face. It removes all traces of makeup, and any dirt which has adhered to my face.

Check out the video on how to use Tomitago Cleanser here 

The Tomitago Cleanser is made up of all natural ingredients. It features many seed oils, fruit oils and other natural ingredients which melt and dissolve on the skin to leave you with a fresh clean skin. This product retails at €25 for 200ml which is amazing value for the amount of product which you recieve. I used to love the Dermalogica Pre Cleanse but this is now the best replacement I have found for it and at a fraction of the price. Ladies who wear lots of makeup you need this as it is the best thing for removing makeup from the face. 

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