Wet N Wild Introduces Limited Edition Geo Spectrum Sunrise Festival

This April/ May sees the introduction of the latest limited edition collection for Wet N Wild. The Geo Spectrum Collection is on all Wet N Wild stands since April/May. The collection contains 4 Mega Last Nail Shades, 2 Geometric Highlighting Palettes and 2 new Colour Icon Trios. 

Two weeks ago the lovely ladies at Wet N Wild sent me the 2 Colour Icon Trios and one of the new Highlighting Palettes.  The Geometric Highlighting Palette €3.99 is available in two shades, Desert Explorations and Sun Ceremony. It provides a blush that is dreamy and inspired by holographic white and metallic prisms. The Colour Icon Trios are very festival looking. 

The first product I will review is the Sun Ceremony Highlighting Powder, this is my new holy grail highlighter. I am a slave to a bit of shimmer but this was the ultimate surprise. I was expecting it to be very bronzey from looking at it in the packaging but my oh my it is the most amazing gold shimmer ever. It is very subtle on my fair irish skin, but it can be built up depending on how much of a highlight you want. I am wearing it in the picture below and I love the glow from it. I have constantly been asked what my highlight is and I am very pleased to say it is Wet N Wild Sun Ceremony and the best bit??? it costs €3.99. Isn't it just fab? 

Next up are the Two Colour Icon Trio Palettes, in the pic above I am wearing The New Romantics which consists of a fab lilac shade and a baby pink. The most amazing part of these palettes are the browbone highlights. They are so pigmented. Below you can see a swatch of the palette with and without primer. As you can see with the primer the shade is more intense but the pigment regardless of using primer or not on the eye area is excellent. 

The next Palette is the To-In-Di-O I Go Go. This one contains a lovely champagne brow shade, a blue and a lavender. I was scared about this one as it was really out of my comfort zone. As with the other palette it instructs you where to place the shades. So i followed the instructions and below was the result. I was quite surprised with the look, it was very festival/spring but it was fab. What do you think?

The Trio palette retails at €3.99 and for such pigmented shades they give Urban Decay, Sleek, Mac a run for their money. I am very impressed with all the products I received and highly recommend picking them up as they will be essential for Oxygen or other festivals coming up. The highlighter is amazing and you need it in your life no excuses lol. I have already got two more highlighters as they are limited edition once they are gone they are gone! 

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