Deciem Hand Chemistry Extreme Hydration Concentrate

So this new Deciem heavy duty hand concentrate reached my postbox a while back, and as it is a hand cream and hands are so subject to weather i decided i would take a little longer than normal to test it out and see how it got on in all weathers. It has endured the worst of winters and some of the hottest days of summer. It promises to repair dry skin and protect it from the environment. After using it for over a week the skin starts to create its own hydration due to the ingredient HA Pre cursor, which is hylauronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a hot skincare ingredient that hydrates and plumps dry and aging skin.

So for the past few weeks and months I have been following the directions on the tube and applying the gel like consistency to my clean hands morning and evening. Now sometimes with hand cream i can really blow hot and cold lol. I could use it once and then not again for a week lol im hopeless. But with this I have really stuck to my guns, and I am delighted. My nan in particular had very wrinkly old aged hands, and my mam is going in this direction to, she has started to use the hand cream and is very impressed. I hope that if i continue to use it I will avoid that and my hands will remain youthful. 

I try, to remember to moisturise my cuticles and I am always thrilled with myself when I do, because it makes an amazing difference to the quality of the nails, and also prevents peeling skin around the nail beds and walls. Some products are too thick; some too greasy and some just take ages to sink in. They say if you want to know someone's true age, look at their hands. Now those who claim to be not a day older than 21 have a new weapon to add to their routine in the Deciem Hand Chemistry.

Our ultra-concentrated hydration complex contains five hydration active technologies from marine and plant sources that provide deep and lasting hydration to the skin, offering dramatic visible textural improvements. Extreme hydration is the perfect saviour for dry skin or to use during periods of cold weather as it helps to create a barrier to protect the skin from the environment. The 360 degree approach to extreme hydration consists of Pseudoalteromonas Complex, Tremella Fuciformis, HA Pre-Cursor, Protective Shield Matrix and Maize Propanediol. The Pseudoalteromonas Complex has a high moisturising and regenerating effect, and has shown a huge visible difference to skin texture in a matter of days. Tremella Fuciformis is extremely hydrating and helps to deliver below surface hydration, whilst our HA Pre-Cursor encourages the skin to create its own hydration for long term hydration benefits. The Protective Shield Matrix forms an invisible glove on the surface to ensure the skin retains its own moisture and protects it from extreme coldness whilst the Maize Propanediol offers instant hydration.

I 100% can vouch for this and I have to say I love the results of the concentrate. For a person who sometimes forgets the hand cream when I apply this it restores all the days I have missed. It is available online from Deciem for €20 which is very reasonable as you only use a small amount. It feels like you have applied a silk glove to the hands and they feel amazing for the day ahead until bedtime no matter how many times you wash the hands inbetween.

Below are the before and after results.

Before : 

After : 

Aren't the results excellent. It just goes to show that with the right products problems can be reversible.

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