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So 3 weeks ago a new Joico Co+Wash came through the post from the lovely Eileen. My first thoughts were, what in the name of god is this lol, it looks like shaving foam, and number two was what is a co+wash? Co-washing is short for “conditioner washing,” or cleansing your hair with your favorite conditioner instead of shampoo. By co-washing you’re cleansing with natural essential oils, botanicals and extracts, so it never strips your hair or your scalp. Joico have recently introduced three Co+Washes to the Joico Range. 

Imagine cleansing and conditioning hair in a single shot. Cleansing conditioners or “co-washes” as they are also known, do just that and are great for alternating with a regular hair-washing regimen. These products also have other benefits such as leaving hair more manageable and increasing the longevity of hair colour. Picture luxurious locks that are strikingly healthy, shiny, frizz-free and nourished! Now who wouldn’t want to be “co-dependent” on a co-wash? But there is more. JOICO delivers a whole new way to co-wash with their introduction of Color Co+Wash, Moisture Co+Wash and Curl Co+Wash. The unique delivery system transforms these “cleansing conditioners” into the richest, creamiest foam ever. Thanks to the “whipped” formula, it’s easy to distribute the product from root to tip – significantly reducing the amount of product needed and giving an overall more satisfying experience, from roots to ends!

So the three new additions are the Colour Co+Wash, Moisture Co+Wash and Curl Co+Wash. 

Colour Co+Wash:

  • locks in beautiful new hues & keeps them going strong until the next salon visit
  • 3x more color-locking protection*
  • Colour-treated locks are 2x more resistant to breakage**

Moisture Co+Wash:

  • Brings seriously softer, shinier, stronger strands
  • Over 59% reduced breakage**
  • More than 94% of testers agreed that their hair looked and felt less dry after just one use

Curl Co+Wash:

  • Takes frizz and throws it to the curb
  • Beautifully shaped, controlled curls and waves that defy frizz
  • Curls are 3x more resistant to breakage**
* Vs. daily shampoo and conditioner after one month of use.
**Against combing breakage on damaged hair vs. a non-conditioning shampoo.
***Based on half head salon testing between BOV and bottle application.

Joico Co+Wash differs in that it is a foam so you use 50% less than your average Co+Washes. There is approximately 25 uses per can. I started to use my moisture co wash and instantly fell in love. First of all I was unsure how to use it so I was using it as a conditioner after my shampoo and it performed excellent. I felt my hair was very clean but it had volume and my ends felt very soft and nourished. The product itself is sulphate free which is always good. For a week after I used it as it is intended as a Co+Wash and it creates a lather that transforms these cleansing conditioners into the richest, creamiest foam ever. Again my hair was clean and nourished looking, it didn't feel limp or look dull. There was a nice sheen and shine to the hair. I have noticed that breakages have been reduced and my ends look nice and healthy.

My hair is 100% less dry, it is now nice and healthy looking. My hair can get so dehydrated, dry  and tangled, this foam doesn’t only cleanse my hair, but leaves it really moisturised. I can now say i am converted, the can is very practical for traveling as its a 2in1 product and you only need a pea size amount to do your whole head, I will be bringing it on my hols with me as you only need the one product. JOICO care range: Co+Wash Whipped Cleansing Conditioners rrp €18.95 are available in salons nationwide.  For stockists’ details contact Joico tel: 045 856 490 or log onto:

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