My brows are done! Ombre HD Permanent Brows by Olena Oliynyk

So as alot of you who have been following me know, I had the opportuinity to get Ombre HD Permanent Brows by Olena Oliynyk. About two months ago now, I was contacted by Olena about this opportunity, and I was a little hesitant. It is a form of tattooing, and more importantly it is on the face. So I set about doing some research into the procedure, Olena, and the effects of the treatment. Ombre HD Permanent Brows is a new procedure to Ireland, and  I am pleased to say that Olena is the first Eestheticain to bring the treatment to Ireland. It gives the illusion of a soft shape by creating a graduation of light to dark in the brow. Perfect for those looking for a fuller brow or who have lighter hair colour and wish to go lighter with the brows as well. They give a glamorous finish to the brows while enhancing the natural shape of the face.The ombre effect technique in creating gradation throughout the brow, a soft more dimensional look is achieved which gives a more precise shape. It is perfect for those looking for fuller brows and that great shape. 

So after doing my research, and being sick and tired of filling in my brows I opted to go ahead with the procedure. I contacted Olena and we decided on a date for the treatment. Olena Oliynyk recently won an award for excellence in the 2015 PMU(permanent make-up) Championship in Birmingham, so I knew I would be in good hands. Having trained with leading PMU artists in European PMU industry, Olena is highly skilled and one of the best in the PMU industry. Olena works from two bases, one in Carrick on Shannon and one in Westland Row in Dublin. I opted to go to Dublin base. Below is my before picture of the brows, as you can see they are uneven, light and sparse.

On the night before hand the nerves were kicking in. I had never in my life had a tattoo and i was going to get one on my face no less. I wrote this piece the night before. Check it out here.  I travelled up by bus that morning, and arrived in time for my appointment. I was greeted by Olena and she gave me a three page consent form. I read the form in detail, making sure to fill out the form correctly. You need to sign the form to consent to the treatment, consent that you are fit and well to have the procedure done and that you are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. There is a list of contraindications to the treatment and you will be asked for more detail if you answer yes to any of these. Having completed the form, Olena brought me into the procedure room. 

Olena then set about drawing in the brow shape, she measures your face, checks to make sure the shape is level, she makes you pull a variety of faces, makes you talk, laugh, frown, look shocked. The reason for doing all this is so that the brows will look natural no matter what you are doing. So in this procedure we discovered that one of my brows was higher than the other naturally. I had a suspicion about this as when I would fill them in I always had to fill one in higher than the other to create balance. Olena recognised this straight away and also recognised that my brows were very far away from each other so she drew out the shape to correct all of this. 

Olena then showed me the shape and I was blown away at how amazing they looked. She takes her time doing this part as it has to be perfect, She is 100% a perfectionist and will not rush any part of the procedure. After all it is permanent so she needs to make sure that the shape is correct for the face shape and it suits the client. 

The next part is to complete the first pass to open up the skin. This is where the nerves kicked in. Olena showed me the needle which was brand new from the packet, and you see her opening it up in front of you. She is an extreme hygienist and this is something she should be proud of. This part of the treatment is the most uncomfortable and when I say uncomfortable I don't mean sore. Not one part of it is sore. It felt as if she was tweezing my brows so its no more painful than that. It's worse getting your legs waxed lol. If you can survive a leg wax you wil survive this. Olena was always checking to make sure I was ok and that I was comfortable with the procedure. After the first pass, Olena then numbs the area and continues on with her second and third passes. This is adding the shape, colour and dimension to the brows. She works with different colours to give the ombre look. Olena is always adding a topical numbing solution to make sure you cannot feel a thing. 

Then comes the big reveal, she gives you a minute to get your thoughts together after being lying down for a while, and then you get to see them in the mirror. I could have cried with excitment. I have always had light sparse brows but now I had a full set of defined brows. I was in love, I still am in love and I don't think I will ever fall out of love with these brows. I was so so pleased I had said yes to the procedure. I am currently two days into the healing process, and I am in love. I have being applying the aftercare lotion Olena supplied me with as per instructions. The brows are begining to heal and over the next few days the true colour will be revealed. When they are initially finished they are always darker than the true colour. 

I mean how amazingly fabulous do they look. They are bright but they will heal lighter, and as I am a fan of darker brows it doesn't bother me in the slightest about them being dark for a few days. It was the best decision ever, it literally now takes 5 mins to do my full face and I am off. If you are thinking about the procedure then I 100% urge you to go for it. It is so worth it. If you think about how often you get your brows waxed and tinted, it works out the same over the year to pay for this procedure. It is definetly worth it as you never have to fill in your brows again. 

You can contact Olena Oliynyk on 083 1274111, email at and you can check out all of her work and prices at Don’t forget to follow her facebook page for regular updates here.

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