Permanent Make Up By Olena 1 week Brow Update

It's been a full week to the day that I had my brow treatment in Dublin by Olena. You can read all about the procedure itself here. As some of you already know, when discussing the colouring with Olena, we decided that it was best to go for a natural look which can always be enhanced using brow powder for a more statement night out brow. So over the past week my brows have been healing. 

A permanent makeup procedure is the equivalent of a skin-deep wound - like a scratch you might get around the house. It will ooze a little, scab a little or a lot depending on your skin type, and heal in the same amount of time as a normal wound. After the initial procedure you are given a lotion which you apply hourly to keep the brows nice and clean. You need to make sure you have clean hands when using this to avoid any cross infection. On day 2 you apply the lotion once in the morning. After that you then apply vaseline at random stages throughout the day to keep the brows well moisturised. I followed all the instructions and by day 3 my brows had started to scab a little. I kept applying the vaseline to keep them moisturised. By day 6 most of the scabs were present and the brows looked patchy where some of the scabs had already fallen off. This morning I woke up and nearly all of them are gone and the pigment is fully exposed. This is not the true pigments as it can take up to 2-3 weeks for it to fully settle in the skin.

My brows are a lovely natural light brown and they really do frame my face. I have been in love with my brows since they were done. I have avoided makeup where possible on my face and as I wanted the brows to be natural I will have to apply a small amount of brow powder to the arch/tail area to just enhance it a little when I am wearing makeup. This for me is no problem as I didn't want the brows to be too dark where they would look unnatural when I was barefaced. 

The healing stage is still not over, the brows are not fully healed for 2/3 weeks, and I will be back i Dublin on week 4 to have my top up. I really am so pleased with the brows, they have made such a difference as I really had nothing only a few hairs there when I had no makeup on before. I now have the confidence to go barefaced more often as I look normal and I don't look like someone who forgot to fill in her brows before she left the house. Below are the pictures to compare before and now

Before Left Side

1 week healed pigment exposed left side

Right Side Before 

Right Side 1 week healed and pigment exposed

Full Face Before 

Full Face 1 week healed 

I will update again once they are fully healed. The procedure was carried out by Olena Oliynyk in her studio in Westland Row Dublin. You can contact Olena Oliynyk on 083 1274111, email at and you can check out all of her work and prices at Don’t forget to follow her facebook page for regular updates here.

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