Pierre Rene Eyeliner

So a few months back I received the fab Pierre Rene Eyebrow quad and the Long Lasting Eyeliner. I loved my Eyebrow Set as you can see here. Over the last few months I have been testing the eyeliner as I wanted to give it a good test to see if it lasted in all weathers, so now that we have had our sunniest and hottest few days so i thought it was perfect time to tell you all about the eyeliner. 

Waterproof eyeliner that guarantees 24 - hour service life of makeup. There is a professional brush included in the package to ensure the implementation of perfectly perfect mark. It is an innovative gel texture which makes it easy application, prevent imbalances and makes it possible to achieve artistic effects makeup. Eyes are considered the window to our soul and they are amongst the 1st things that catch anyone’s attention. This creamy formula is smooth-gliding and long lasting, giving lines of pure, shiny and intensely pigmented color. Easy to apply and dries quickly after application, adhering to the skin without smudging or crumbling. Comes with an exceptional brush for outlining the outer eye contour and creating a clean line with adjustable thickness. Can also be used on the waterline. 

The pigment of the eyeliner is very intense and a little definitely goes a long way, so this is going to last you ages. I have barely made a dent in mine and I have been using it for months now. I rarely trust gel eyeliner to last through the summer heat but this one 100% performs, it stays put and doesn't budge at all.

 I am a massive fan of the Pierre Rene Long Lasting Eyeliner as it is budge proof on the hottest of days, has a super intense pigment and is very reasonable price wise. It retails for£14 and is available in 4 different colours.

 Below are some images of me wearing and testing the product that is now my go to gel eyeliner.

I am loving the results, the eyeliner is available to purchase from the Pierre Rene shop online

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