Pre Tattoo

Oh holy sweet jesus what have i said yes to lol. I am bricking it. I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to needles. You would think I would be use to them by now lol. So tomorrow I am getting my eyebrows done by the amazingly talented Olena who is a permanent make up specialist. Over the past year or so I have become accustomed to my brows which have been improving but there just not there for me yet. They are grand but without makeup to enhance them they are very sparse and not defined. I tint them and while it does improve them it only lasts a few weeks and we are back to square one again. 
One always looked good and the other one was pathetic. Absolutely anyone can get beautiful, natural looking brows with Olenas technique, I have seen some incredible before and after shots of Alopecia sufferers, who had no brows beforehand, and afterwards had the most wonderful, natural looking finished brows. Check out her gallery here. One thing to also mention is Olena is the first qualified therapist in Ireland to bring this treatment here. 

I have done lots or research into this before I decided to go ahead. I like to know what I am letting myself in for. So when you get them done you gone back in a month for a top and thats it. It is then up to you and your body and how well they fade as to when you go back for a top up. It could be a year down the line, it could be three years down the line. As with a normal tattoo they will fade but that is all dependent on the person. Everyone is different. My partner said to me what happens when you are old and they are like two plastic things on top of your face lol! That won't happen they will just fade with age and you can always get them topped up or you can fill them in yourself with powder.

So what do I want??? I want a brow that looks natural without makeup, but if its too natural looking with makeup that I can fill it in with some brow powder to enhance it. I'm not asking for much right? I know Olena will deliver and I cannot wait for it. The procedure itself is the only thing worrying me as I am such a scaredy cat lol. But by this time tomorrow it will be all over and they will be done.

Below is a pic of my brows from today with no make up on. 

Keep an eye on all my social media tomorrow as I will try to update as much as I can on the procedure, but I will have a post on here before the weekend.

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