Sequaderma Ageing Thinning Skin

A few weeks ago the lovely Tomas from Conefreys Pharmacy sent me a range of products from Sequaderma. Sequaderma are a new brand to me, I had never heard of them before so I did some research on who they were. Pro Bono Bio® is the science-driven company with a humanitarian heart. They specialise in using nanotechnology to create products that improve the quality of people’s lives. Their principles are Safety, Efficacy, Quality (SEQ). Their patented Sequessome Technologyhas won awards for its revolutionary and innovative design which enables key ingredients to pass into the skin. Sequessome Technology uses tiny nano-sized vesicles that can change shape in order to penetrate the epidermis which is the layer of the skin we can see. Sequessome Technology was first used in FLEXISEQ®, the market-leading unmedicated pain and joint care product in the UK. 

So as you can see above I recieved the 5 products for the face. They range from Red dry itchy skin, to ageing thinning skin. Today I am going to talk to you about the Ageing Thinning gel. It is an active dermatology solution for the care of ageing and thinning skin. So how does it work you wonder, well let me tell you more about the patented Sequessome technology which makes Sequaderma different to all cosmetics on the market as it delivers optimum amounts of skin nourishing complexes directly into the skins many layers from the epidermis to subcutaeneous layer. It has key ingredients which I will discuss further below which maintain and rejuvenate the skins barrier function. This treatment needs 8 weeks of application so I have been using the gels in the areas on my face and body that need them for the past 8 weeks. 

SEQUADERMA™ Ageing Thinning Skin Can be used to treat the following:

  • Chronological Ageing
  • Photo-ageing
  • Skin thinning.

Results from using it for 8 weeks :

  • Wrinkles reduced
  • Firmer skin
  • Smoother skin
  • Plumper skin
  • Healthier skin

SEQUADERMA™ Ageing Thinning Skin is suitable for customers that:

  • Look for efficient products that deliver on the promise
  • Want more immediate signs of efficacy
  • Find other treatments ineffective or unsatisfactory
  • Search for solutions that bring fast, visible and long-lasting benefits
  • Seek a multi-functioning product to address multiple signs of ageing, such as:
  • Fine wrinkles / deep creases around the eyes and mouth and frown lines on the forehead
  • Various pigmented spots, such as freckles, solar lentigines and an uneven skin colour
  • General loss of skin tone and elasticity
  • Loose, sagging and leathery skin
  • Thinning and often abnormally dry skin with increased transparency

So how do you use it? Apply twice-a-day, spread a small amount over the problem area and leave until it is touch-dry to activate the penetrative action of Sequessome™ Technology. The gel layer applied to the skin provides delivery to an environment that allows Sequessome™ vesicles to cross the skin and in addition treat superficial problems. Once dried, the Sequessome™ vesicles are contained deep within the skin and the residual gel layer can be washed off or wiped away with a wet tissue prior to carrying on with your skincare routine. I like to apply mine once I have cleansed the skin in the morning, allow it 15 minutes to dry while I have my breakfast and then wipe the skin with micellar water or thermal spring water. I then apply my normal skincare and my makeup. In the night time, I apply it once I have again cleansed my skin and then allow it to sink in, again I remove any residue with micellar water and then apply my normal skincare. 

If you are applying it to the whole face, the 30g bottle gives you 15 days of 2 applications, but if like me you are only treating small areas the product will last alot longer. This product is safe to use on the face, body, sensitive areas, and is also safe to use if you are pregnant and on kids as it is drug free. 

So what's in it that makes it so effective on the skin. Vitamin C & E, Glycerin, Plant Phospholipids and Peptide Complex. Vitamin C is an essential factor in collage synthesis, and it's known for its power to strengthen the skin, improve firmness, smooth wrinkles, reduce skin discolouration, enhance skin's repair process, reduce inflammation and help the skin with sun exposure. Vitamin C exfoliates to help restore luminosity while protecting skin from ageing free radicals, and unifies the skin tone providing it with brightness. Its antioxidant properties counteract the harmful effects of ultra violet rays, preventing premature photo-ageing. 

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant with emulsifying, moisturising and regenerating properties that helps to protect the skin from free radical damage. It replenishes the skins fats,  protects against environmental damage from the harmful effects of UV radiation, improves tissue micro-circulation; shields skin from daily environmental damage and allows the repair cycle to begin. 

Peptide Complex stimulates collagen formation to combat the skin tissue degradation process. Glycerin is a humectant  which absorbs water from other sources. It attracts water from the environment and from the lower layers of skin (dermis) increasing the amount of water in the surface layers of skin. Glycerol is one substance in skin that help maintain the outer barrier and prevent dryness, scaling or itchyness. 

Phospholipids are fat molecules that form the lipid membrane of every living cell. They are broken down by the normal body processes and do not accumulate within the body. Those are the all important ingredients in the Ageing Thinning Skin Solution which allows it to have such effective results on the skin. 

I am very pleased with the results of using the solution. My skin is looking amazing at the minute as can be seen below. The wrinkles which were around my eyes have reduced dramatically and I am not as conscious of them anymore. The solution is available from Conefrey's Pharmacy for €30 for 30ml of product. Like me if you are using in on a small area then it is highly effective and reasonable. I am very impressed with the range and have loved using it. Has anyone else used the range? Let me know in the comments. 

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