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On this fine Summer's evening I am very pleased to tell you all about my wonderfully impressive treatment I experienced by the lovely Linda. It has been a stressful few weeks with college exams and just life in general and I felt quite overwhelmed the past few weeks. Today I travelled (through the forest ) to Inistioge a small quaint scenic village in Co. Kilkenny. A delightful village with a tranquil square and in that tranquillity lies the equally tranquil hub of JB Thomas Hairdressing & Beauty. I walked into the little oasis with knots in my neck and the weight of the world on my shoulders. When I entered I was greeted by the lovely Linda, who I was so excited to meet. Linda is an amazing Beauty Therapist and I am so glad I got to meet her. She is qualified 12 years and has previously worked in other salons before setting up The Beauty Room. When she left college she was working in a salon who had Thalgo and that's when the love affair began. She instantly loved it and loved its philosophies and its results on the skin so she was determined to use it in her own salon from day 1. 

Thalgo was created by a pharmacist, AndrĂ© Bouclet, from his passion for the marine world and its invaluable riches. Infusing the beauty of the sea with the creative excellence of marine intelligence; Thalgo Laboratories in conjunction with world renowned Phycologists have created beauty excellence in a spectacular range of marine products for Spa & Beauty, delivering the very best of nature to every woman. World leaders in professional marine cosmetics; Thalgo have delivered a range of beautifying treatments, products and dietary supplements for the beauty and well-being of its clients. Thalgo are a pioneer in Marine Intelligence where they have been exploring the oceans for over 50 years to innovate and revolutionise the world of professional cosmetics. Thalgo treatments are well known for their incredible results. Thalgo harnesses the riches of the sea so you can benefit from powerful healing, revitalising and re balancing properties which are vital for health and well-being. Thalgo’s facials offer spectacular results in anti-ageing, hydrating, purifying and much more. Thalgo has a facial to treat virtually any issue. 

Once Linda had led me into her tranquil sanctuary in the back I got relaxed and Linda asked me some questions about my skincare etc. We talked alot about Thalgo and the products and once we were set on a treatment I popped onto the bed, and Linda began the treatment. The first thing she does once you are on the bed is to tell you in detail all about the treatment you are about to receive just in case you fall asleep and wake up mid treatment and get a fright lol! Linda gave me an in depth lesson on the treatment and I felt i had a wealth of knowledge about the products she was going to use on me from there in. So this would be starting off with a cleanse, tone and exfoliation. She would then move onto some real hydration with a facial mask. This was one of the highlights of my treatment. It was the Thalgo Ultra Hydration Mask mixed with the marine setting powder to make a mask that peeled off and really felt amazing. I was extremely relaxed and looking forward to the treatment. To start of the treatment Linda did some massage movements to warm up the tissues and prepare it for the treatment. She applied cleanser to effectively remove any make up or dirt or impurities which I had picked up throughout the day. This was massaged into the skin and then removed. A double cleanse was performed using the Freshness range which contains Gelidium sesquipedale which energises and protects the skin with its 6 minerals and 8 amino acids. Gelidium is an algae found on the coasts from Britain to Morocco. After the double cleanse she applied a Tonic Lotion. Thalgo use Tonic Lotions instead of Toners as a tonic does not contain alcohol which dries out the skin. Once this was applied my face felt very fresh. 

Linda then applied the exfoliator which had a combination of sugar and salt scrubs in it, with some extracts of Papaya. This is both a mechanical and enzyme exfoliator. The salt and sugar grains in the exfoliator are rolled over the skin to remove any dead skin cells and to refine the skin texture by bringing new blood flow to the area by causing an erythema. The enzyme papain dissolves dead skin cells and helps desquamate the skin and leave it fresh and vibrant. This was worked into the skin and then removed. The skin felt softer, smoother and more supple. A refreshing mist was then sprayed and landed on the face which further added to the treatment. After this Linda applied the amazing Thalgo massage medium. I am a real smell person and oh my goodness this reminds me of Thailand. I think I am obsessed with Thalgo as it reminds me of Thailand lol. This medium smells amazing. Linda performed an absolutely outstanding massage. Since training in college I am obsessed with facial massage and i instantly know if its going to be good, well holy god says Miley this one was just amazing. Her hands moulded my face perfectly, she used the exact amount of pressure needed to break down the tension in my shoulders with her petrissage movements. The routine Linda has for massage is fabulous. It felt relaxing at all times which is how a massage is meant to feel. Following the massage Linda applied the mask. Oh this just topped off the treatment. If i thought it was good before, i was amazed after this. I have never seen or experience a lift off mask before. I had done all the theory on them in college but had yet to experience one, until today that was. Linda applied this cold mask to my face which felt very thick but refreshing. It then started to set after a few minutes. While the mask was setting I was treated to a hand and arm massage where my limbs felt like they were dead they were so relaxed. Then came the most amazing part. Linda lifted the mask off and it felt so cool. It was the weirdest feeling but it felt amazing. The skin felt super soft, supple to the touch and really hydrated. 

Eye cream and Moisturiser were then applied , and my face just felt so luxurious. Linda propped me up and let me readjust to my surroundings again. I literally felt as if I had walked off a plane after a week in the sun. I was elated, relaxed and most of all happy. Myself and Linda chatted for another while and then Linda left me to get dressed. The Beauty Room in Inistioge is going to be my new beauty haunt. Ladies if you need to be treated like a queen then this is the place to go. I felt like a brand new woman coming out of their. Linda is like a magician and her magic box is full of Thalgo products which work wonders on your skin. For details / enquiries please contact Linda on 086 3146660 or 056 7758693 where she will be more than happy to assist you all. This really is a gem in such a tranquil space, you will regret it if you don't book in. 

I had an amazing day and my skin is feeling equally as amazing now. Thanks so much to Linda. 

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