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Where do I even begin to tell you all about the little hub that is Waterford Health Park. I have been using this pharmacy with years, and since becoming a blogger it has been one place which I constantly return to. Before I go into more detail about what is available in the Health Park Pharmacy, I want to say a massive thank you to Sandra the pharmacy manager who has been so good to me over the years. If you ever need anything the girls are so helpful. No problem is ever too big. The pharmacy itself is located just opposite Walsh Park on Slievekeale Road, about 5 min walk from the city centre, and is easily accessible with lots of parking outside. It is there now over 5 years and has a full range of medical services available. A recent addition to the Health Park is the cafe which is home to the wonderful Mean Bean Coffee. I have an addiction to it lol! 

I have decided to showcase some products which I have in my collection that I got from the healthpark. It is fast becoming the beauty centre of Waterford and has many collections available. Now anyone who follows my blog will already know I am a massive fan of bargains and this is why I love the health park. There is a selection of high end products to budget products so there is something to suit everyone's budget. I honestly could write posts every week about the Health Park I have bought so much in there over the past few years, but I have purposely picked the products below. When i walk into a pharmacy I like to know that if for argument sake that everything I had in my makeup and skincare wardrobe were to disappear overnight that I would be able to walk into the pharmacy and replace it all in the one place, and that's what you can do in the Health Park. From your basic skincare, to your tan, sunscreen, exfoliators, and most important the makeup. 

Before I go any further I also want to mention the lovely Emma from Mastering your Makeup who did an amazing piece on the Health Park last week check it out here. For those of you who don't know, when I first started blogging Emma was the person I contacted for tips and from there it has grown into a budding friendship. She is the person i turn to if i have a problem good or bad and she is always there. We try to meet up when shes home from Dublin or when I am up there, and there isnt a week that goes by when we are not in contact. If your'e not already following Emma then please go and follow her. 

Above are some pictures of inside the Health Park and as you can see there is such a wide range of products available. You have 5 make up brands to chose from, loads of skincare, amazing lash choices, all your tanning needs are there too. Today I have decided to show you some of my current favourites from the ranges available in the Health Park.

Elave Cleanser

Elave sensitive facial cleanser is a sulfate-free cleanser with anti-oxidant Vitamin E to protect against cellular damage and repair dry, sensitive skin. I love this cleanser, it is super soft on the skin, it is so gentle it has been approved to be suitable to use on newborn babies, only the best for newborns so you know straight away you are onto a winner if its suitable for babies. I cleanse morning and night with this cleanser and my face was thoroughly cleansed, with no redness or irritations. It felt soft, supple and clean. I love waking up in the morning knowing I can reach for this cleanser to wake me up and give me a lovely fresh feeling. This product retails in around the €9 mark for 250ml of product.

Organic Surge Deep Cleansing Mask + Eye Gel

Organic Surge Eye Gel cools and refreshes the delicate skin around the eyes. This lightweight, quickly absorbed gel formula contains clarifying green tea and eyebright extracts to reduce puffiness and rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eye area. It contains aloe vera and green tea which has a soothing and calming effect on the eye area. It has an instant cooling action on the eye area which refreshes and revives the eye. It feels almost like the eye is firm and more alert. It reduces dark circles, shadows and puffiness around the eyes. This product is my new holy grail eye treatment. I just love the effect that it has on the skin around the eyes.  

This mask deep-cleanses and nourishes to give dull or dehydrated skin an instant boost. Skin-calming chamomile and soothing marshmallow deep-cleanse and nourish while natural oils and plant extracts give the skin a valuable burst of moisture. The non-drying, rinse-off mask works quickly to leave the skin clean, clear and revitalised.I like to use it twice a week to give my skin a boost. As it contains Aloe Vera, glycerin, almond oil, chamomile to name a few it is very gently on the skin. this is suitable for sensitive skin, claiming to make skin brighter and revive dull or blemish prone skin. The essential oils inside are designed to purify and soothe. A little goes a long way with this and my skin felt smoother and more hydrated straight away after using it. You literally apply it and leave it sit for 5 mins and then remove. Once removed my skin looked brighter instantly. This product retails in around the €13 euro mark aswell depending on where you purchase.

Tomitago Elixir + Combi

Tomitago a local Kilkenny company. They are based in Piltown, Co. Kilkenny. All of the products manufactured are 100% chemical free. This is a great merit of the products as chemicals are very dangerous for the skin as they disrupt the acid mantle causing lots of problems in regards to dehydration, fine lines, premature ageing. One product suits all with this range so it can be used on all skin types. The elixir claims to eliminate the need for eye serum, face serum, day moisturiser, night moisturiser and make up primer. One product does it all for you. You spoon out a little, let it warm up in your hands and then apply to the face, It glides onto the skin, and then soaks right through into the skin to nourish from within. The texture of the my has improved, the colour has improved. The cell renewal seems to have been sped up as my skin is regenerated and renewed. My face has a glow about it, no dull appearance that you get from harsh weather or wearing make up alot. It comes in two sizes, 40ml is €30.00 and 20ml is €18, so on the 40 ml you are making a saving of €6 (every little helps). I think it is such a reasonable price for this as you literally barely make a dent in the product.

The Combi Exfoliator/Mask is a 2 in 1 product. You pat the mask on, then gently exfoliate manually with your hands, and then after 5 mins of that you let it sit on the skin for 20 mins to dequamate the top layer of the skin. Using a warm face cloth I remove the mask, and then rinse with warm water. Following this I am left with a clear bright skin underneath. Following the exfoliation my skin's texture is now smoother and softer, the skin tone looks even and brighter, old dead skin cells have been removed and the skin is left feeling soft, hydrated and the pores have been cleared.The combi is a brown colour and has lots of little beads in it which are great for exfoliation. The ingredients are all natural so it is 100% safe to use on the skin. The added benefits are down to the natural ingredients used in the process of this product. This is my new go to mask and exfoliator. I use it twice a week to renew my skin, and this is the reason my skin is looking so well at the moment. This product is available in a 30ml pot for €25 which is a brilliant price for this little pot of magic.

Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes + Lipsticks

When you purchase the Sleek True Colour Lipstick they come in cute little boxes which kind of gives that high end feel. The actual packaging of the lipstick itself is also quite chic and sleek - the tubes are black, oval and understated. I like the fact the tubes are quite plain however the colour stickers on the top are not always a good reflection on the colour of the lipstick. They are very compact and tiny compared to regular bullets. The best part is that these actually hold the same amount of product as normal lipsticks! The Sleek True Colour Lipstick come in two finishes which are Sheen and Matte. Obviously the Sheen have a more shiny, creamy finish where as the Matte are more flat looking. Some of the matte shades can be a little dry. The Sheen finish lipstick are less problematic, apply easily and evenly. Super pigmented, creamy and so comfortable although they aren't slippery and light in texture! These will work for those with drier and sensitive lips and you don't need to worry about bleeding or uneven wearing off! Retailing at €6.49 they are fantastic value.

I love my sleek palettes, I have 5 of them at the moment and have my eyes on so many others. They have 12 palettes in the i-Divine series, so you may be interested to check out the other 11 palettes here.Thepalette has great colours in it, and they have great colour pay off. Fall out is very minimal. The shadows last all day provided you use eye shadow primer, if not the lighter shades will fade but this is completely normal. These retail at €9.99 which is super value for the colour pigmentation and pay off that you get. 

Ziaja Lotion

This is my go to body lotion, i just love it. It provides amazing moisturisation, it penetrates deep into the skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple. Retails at €5.99 which is great value as you get alot of product. Smoothing body lotion with organic cocoa butter for everyday use to keep skin hydrated, nourished and nurtured.   The cocoa butter gently moisturises, improves skin elasticity and skin tone.  It also has UV ray protection properties which prevent the skin from drying out and used daily it improves the suppleness of stretching skin during and after pregnancy.  Leaves a beautiful smell and comforts the skin.

W7 Bananna Dreams

This finely milled yellow toned powder is most definitely a product we all need in our make up bags. Mario gave away the secret of the uniquely bright under eye triangle which has been copied across blogs and YouTube alike, and thus a phenomena was born, every girl and their mother's are doing the routine now. Well you use your normal concealer and apply it in a triangle under your eye. Then you apply the Banana Dreams over the concealer to set it. The latest trend is to bake the powder, which simply means apply it using a make up sponge and then leave it sit on top of the concealer while you complete the rest of your make up and then dust off. The W7 Banana Dreams powder contains silica, which helps to control oil and gives a blurred effect to the pores and fine lines on the face. It is commonly found in HD powders such as the Make Up Forever HD powder. This ingredient helps to give that flawless look to the skin. As it is used to control oil it is also beneficial to apply it to the centre panel if you suffer from oilyness in the T zone. Due to the fact that the powder is so very finely milled it has an almost velet texture, and when applied as a light dusting to the eyes or the T zone it doesn't cake on the skin. Due to the yellow undertone to the product it acts a colour corrector and brightens up the skin. It magically brightens sallow looking skin. It is the ideal colour for us Irish girls. If you feel it is a little to dark for you, you can mix it with a little talc to tone out the yellow. I have done this when I am using a very light foundation and concealer. Banana Dreams is currently retailing at €5.95 

W7 Power Puff

W7 Face Blender is dupe of famous Beauty Blender. W7 Face Blender retails for only €3.95 which is a fraction of the price tag for the original Beauty Blender. Both are equally soft, latex free, fragrance free and very easy to use. I don’t like Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge as it absorbs more product and I don’t find it soft. Most of the time I use sponge as it helps in achieving quick and even application of the product. I also like to use foundation brushes sometimes but using sponge gives more flawless look. W7 Power Puff Latex Free Face Blender Sponge is gorgeous. They are also available in 5-6 colours and egg shape. This sponge is very soft to touch, wider base is designed to cover larger areas of the face whereas the pointed top end is for all the nooks and crannies. The size of this blender is just perfect to dump into on the go make up bag.

Catrice All Round Contouring Palette + Liquid Camouflague Concealer

Catrice liquid concealer is amazing for the eyes.It is available in 2 shades porcelain and light beige. It's perfect for under eyes and could well be a cheaper alternative to the well known Touche Eclait Concealer. Dark circles, irregularities, and redness are all now a thing of the past. This Liquid Camouflage offers optimal coverage. It is highly pigmented, waterproof and very long lasting. It's super easy to use and comes with a handy stick type applicator. I use this everyday to conceal any dark circles or tiredness I wake up with. I 100% recommend this product to you. It gives an amazing look which you will see below when I show you how I apply this concealer. This retails at €3.99 on all Catrice Make Up Stands.

Contouring, highlighting and strobing, they are the new and latest trends. Every second high end company are bringing on palettes but none of the budget brands had any palettes. Well that was until Catrice brought out their new contouring palette. Retailing at €4.50 it is pretty hard to beat. So there is a matte ashy brown contouring shade,a slightly darker shade which is ideal for defining the contour. There is a peachy undertone and yellow undertone matte concealer/highlighting colour. And then finally at the end of the All Round Contour Palette there’s a light cream shimmering shade, which I like to use as a base for powder highlight and as a inner eye highlight. The light shades can even be used for concealing for those that have a medium skintone as they are so pigmented. I love using the shimmery highlighter colour as a base for powder highlight. I love that you get a warm and a cool contour shade as you can contour using the cool shade and then add more definition using the warm shade.  I really have nothing negative to say about this palette. It is most definetely an all round palette and it is super affordable at €4.50. If i had one thing to say I would like the light matte shades to be a little lighter as us pale toned Irish skins find it hard to get a good under eye concealer colour. But other than that it is an amazing palette. 

So that is a quick insight into the Health Park, you can also get Duo Glue, Glam + Co Lashes, Kiss Lashes, Sanctuary Salt Scrub, the new Glam + Doll Mascara from Catrice, Flormar Radiance Primer, Flawless Brushes, Ayu Brushes, Vichy Dermablend, Bellamianta, So Su Palette, and lots more. I will come back to you again next week with a review of the Catrice Nude Illusion Foundation and the Flormar Radiance Primer which I am currently trialling on behalf of the Health Park. Until then if you need to pop into the Health Park the hours are Mon - Fri 8.30-6 and Sat 10-2. 

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