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Copper Coast Natural Skincare range has been picking up my attention on my facebook for the past while. I love the packaging and was very intrigued as it is from Dunhill Co. Waterford which is like 15 minutes from my house. I did some investigating and got in contact with Victoria Flanagan the creator of this brand and she sent me on some samples to try out. I really wish I had a smell filter on this blog as these products smell absolutely fantastic. They are very fresh and you know by the smell and feel that they are really good quality products. 

So who is Victoria Flanagan and Copper Coast. Victoria is a qualified Massage Therapist, and she completely understands the vitality of balance of the body and the systems within. Her son had very sensitive skin, so she decided she wanted to have more knowledge about products and set about completing a comprehensive Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation, which is where her idea for Copper Coast came from. She gets great satisfaction from developing effective products which make a difference to a persons problems. 

Copper Coast Natural Skincare is based in Dunhill, which is a village that is part of the stunning Copper Coast in Co Waterford. All of the products are individually formulated with Lip Balms and Body Butters being created using the finest Natural Butters and oils. All of the products are fully tested by chemists (not on animals!) and certified under EU regulations. They also are proud to carry the Guaranteed Irish symbol on their products. The products I received were the Lemongrass & Bergamot Soy Wax Candle, Lemon & Tea Tree Body Wash, and Peppermint & Tea Tree Whipped Body Butter. The fragrance from each of the products is amazing. 

Each product is individually formulated and handmade or blended meaning that every ingredient can be traced. There are no artificial fragrances or colours, they all come from the Essential and carrier oils used in Body Wash and Lotion are free from SLS and Paraben free. All of the range is easy to use and effect with a little going a long way. This means that it is easy to make time to use any of the products however busy your life is, meaning that you can easily gain all of the benefits of a Natural product. The packaging used is all recyclable with the Lip Balm and Body butter coming in attractive, practical screw top tins and the Body Wash and Lotion coming in PET plastic bottles.

Lemon & Tea Tree Body Wash

First up is the body wash, the aroma from this is purely sensational. The body wash is SLS free (sodium lauryl sulphate) and created using oxygenated aloe vera and wheat proteins. The body wash has oxygen bubbles throughout which create a gentle foam on the skin when applied which leave it feeling cleansed and rejuvenated. The blend of lemon and tea tree works so well together. The tea tree has healing properties and the lemon has natural exfoliant properties due to the presence of citric acid. I brought this body wash on a week away recently and it was very refreshing, it gives you a clean feeling the moment you use it. There are 4 other blends available in the range. Check them out here. The body wash is available in 250ml or 100ml and range from €6.25 to €14.50. 

Lemongrass & Bergamot Soy Wax Candle

I have lit this candle every night since I have got it, and as it is brewed from essentials oils it has therapeutic effects. It gives off the most wonderful aroma. The wax used is 100% natural soy wax which is guaranteed to contain no herbicides, pesticides or paraffin. The therapeutic effects of lemongrass are to make you feel revitalized and reenergised. Bergamot is to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety and any illness that may be caused by them. Aromatherapy candles benefit you by enhancing and improving your state of mind. They also have a great effect on your surroundings. There are 5 candles in the range check them out here they retail at €9.95. 

Peppermint & Tea Tree Whipped Body Butter

The luxurious whipped body butter is created using 100% Natural ingredients that are blended together melting onto your skin leaving it feeling smooth and nourished. A blend of balancing, healing Tea Tree oil and cooling, refreshing Peppermint oil is perfect for any type of skin. It is 100% Natural and handmade in Ireland. I love this body butter. I like to do regular pedicures and I find that this body butter is the perfect moisturiser to use on the feet as it contains peppermint and tea tree. Peppermint has cooling, calming and energizing properties, the powerful herb delivers big benefits when infused into lotions and body butters. Tea tree is antiseptic and antibacterial, it has been proven to help with odour and athletes feet. Combined these two are the perfect ingredients to use as a foot moisturiser. I have used it on my body also and it leaves it feeling fresh and revitalized. It is available to purchase in 50ml and 100ml which are €9 and €16.50 respectively. Check out the range here

I love the range of products I received and have already ordered some new products. It is great to see a local brand doing so well. Make sure and check them out on facebook here

All items are available to purchase in their shop.

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