Declaré BB Cream

There are so many bb creams out there on the market at the moment, but i really wanted to try one from a skincare company. The opportunity presented itself for me to try the Declare BB cream and I couldnt wait. BB creams originated in Asia and they are designed to provide moisturisation, protection from the sun with SPF, coverage aswell as soothing and healing properties, therefore cutting down on the amount of products needed.

Declaré was the first skincare line formulated exclusively for sensitive skin, over thirty years ago in 1979.  Applying constant innovation based on scientific research, the brand has evolved to offer a comprehensive range of high quality, highly effective nourishing skin products, specifically tailored to a variety of sensitive skin conditions. I was very intrigued with the BB cream as it is a  ine and gentle cream which is immediately absorbed by the skin and starts to act at once. It gives reliable protection against everyday pollution from the environment which can lead to premature ageing. At the same time it supports the natural barrier effect of the skin and moisturises intensively and effectively. With a sheer tint for a natural amazingly fresh complexion and look of your skin. For a matte, refined complexion.

It is suitable for a  normal and / or oily skin. Declaré therefore has its Hydro expanded Balance line with a BB Cream, in addition to a SPF 30 also has a special matte effect. However, the tinted cream is distinguished not only just because of the beautiful matte finish. Also the contained SPF 30 is an important point that should be mentioned. UV protection is important and useful for all skin types. Declare BB Cream SPF 30 adapts to any type of skin, combines the moisturizing care, foundation, powder, foundation make-up and sun protection. Light texture, hides skin imperfections, conceals redness and rashes. It gives matte effect for a long time. In all of the images below I am wearing the BB cream. I very rarely wear foundation now unless I am going to something special.

The BB Cream gives a medium coverage which is buildable. It hides imperfections and allows the skin to breathe while keeping oil at bay. I powder my T zone when wearing any type of bb cream or foundation and this lasts around 7-8 hours without needing any top ups. The Declare BB cream is by far the best BB cream which I have used it doesn't compare to the budget brands, it really is worth paying the extra euros to get a good quality BB Cream. It retails at €30 for 50 ml of product which is good value as a little goes a long way. It is absolutely ideal for this type of weather and doesn't break down. It is available locally in Waterford in Delaneys Pharmacy. Check out the list of stockists here

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