Permanent MakeUp Top Up Appointment and 1 week post procedure update

Just over a week ago now I travelled back to the amazing Olena for my top up appointment on my brows. It was just 4 weeks since I had the first procedure and the brows had healed lovely. They were a great shape, and enhanced my face so much. When I went back Olena had a look at the brows and decided that we would top up the colour a small bit just to give more definition and then add in some hair strokes. This process is called a combination brow. It is the hd powder effect with some added hair strokes. I knew I was in good hands with Olena so it didn't worry me one bit as to it being a different procedure. So below are my before pictures. This is the day before I travelled up for the top up appointment. Aren't they fab? 

So that is what they look like before i had my top up. On the day Olena did a remeasure and checked to make sure all was ok. She numbed the area and began the first pass. Again it literally feels like a scratch and once the numbing ointment kicks in you can't feel a thing. The procedure is very relaxing nothing to worry about. Olena then moved onto her second pass adding the hair strokes and topping up the colour. Then a third pass. Then came the reveal, and oh was i so in love. Have a look below at the brows immediately post procedure. 

Olena gave me a vitamin A and E ointment to apply every hour for the first day and then apply again once the scabs start to appear. I applied diligently and on the third day the scabs started to form. I then used the new La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume to help the brows heal. It is a baume specially for tattoed skin. The brows healed well. There wasnt very much fall out and they brows now over a week old look very natural. I am so pleased with them. 

I am so pleased with my brows, I now regualarly wear no makeup at all and just go barefaced. I feel my brows add definition to my face and they frame my face. Below are the pictures from Olena which show the hair strokes and the full before and afters. As you can see I have very light brows to start with which were uneven. Now i have symetrical brows which frame my face. 

Olena is a magician. She is the first in Ireland to do the HD powder ombre brows. If you are considering getting your brows done then she is the lady to go to. She works from Carrick on Shannon and Dublin. It gives the illusion of a soft shape by creating a graduation of light to dark in the brow. Perfect for those looking for a fuller brow or who have lighter hair colour and wish to go lighter with the brows as well. They give a glamorous finish to the brows while enhancing the natural shape of the face.The ombre effect technique in creating gradation throughout the brow, a soft more dimensional look is achieved which gives a more precise shape. It is perfect for those looking for fuller brows and that great shape. Below is a recent makeup look, there is no enhancement to the brows these are them a week later and look fab with makeup. 

You can contact Olena Oliynyk on 083 1274111, email at and you can check out all of her work and prices at Don’t forget to follow her facebook page for regular updates here

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