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This day last week I attended an exclusive Shiseido Event in their Headquarters in Dublin. I attended with the lovely Emma from Mastering your Makeup and Lisa from Cuddles and Contouring. Shiseido are a brand I had seen in Debenhams and Mulligans Waterford and i had previously used one of their foundations and loved it. Shiseido was founded by Arinobu Fukuhara in 1872 - almost 145 years ago. Today Shiseido is a global brand with over 46,000 employees, and found in 80 countries worldwide. They've been in Ireland since 1992. Since the beginning, Shiseido has developed a culture of innovation, and a legacy of scientific “firsts”…  

Shiseido launched their first product in 1888 – it was a toothpaste - the first of its kind in Japan! Eudermine was their first skincare product in 1897.  It is a skin softener (toner without alcohol) that is still sold globally today. Shiseido was the first company to introduce and all-in-one powder/compact foundation compact. In 1988 Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitaliser was was launched.  It was the first 24hr anti-aging moisturiser on the market, with one product from this line being sold every 15 seconds.

Ultimune is the most awarded cosmetic on the market with over 54 global awards. Shiseido are famous for being the first company to produce BIO-HYALAURONIC ACID. They scientifically produce this powerful moisturising agent that plumps the skin with moisture, resulting in a radiant-looking complexion. Shiseido has won more IFSCC Awards than any other cosmetic company – these awards are like the Oscars of the cosmetic industry for research & innovation. Shiseido does not do any testing on animals – testing is done on synthetic membranes!

At the event were got a great introduction to the brand and its philosophies and background. As it is from Japan we had a selection of Japanese food and there were even good oul fashioned jellies in the form of Sushi. It was spectacular event. We were introduced to their full skincare range which includes : 

PURENESS : Is a skincare line that targets blemishes, shine, enlarged pores, dehydration, and prevents the recurrence of these problems.

IBUKI : is the next generation of skincare for the next generation customer – a multi-functional line that focuses on Hydration, Perfection, Prevention.

BENEFIANCE Wrinkle Resist 24 : is an efficient and effective anti-wrinkle skincare line, developed to answer the skin needs of women in their 40s.

ULTIMUNE : is a breakthrough Power Infusing Concentrate that activates the skin’s immunity and enhances all skin functions by restoring the skin’s multi-defensive power.

FUTURE SOLUTION : This range of serum targets sagging, environmental damage, age/sun spots and uneven skin tone, defending skin from premature aging & wrinkles.

SHISEIDO ESSENTIALS : This collection offers everyday cleansing solutions and facial masks to keep your skin free from impurities, seeing your skin’s condition improve day by day.

After the skincare information we moved onto a fabulous demo by the lovely Danielle Mahon, who used a range of the Shiseido products. I loved hearing about the new products. Danielle loves the products and they look amazing on the skin. Synchro Skin is the newest foundation in the range. This highly liquid foundation was especially designed by Dick PAGE, Artistic Director of Shiseido Makeup, to be ‘fluid’ on contact with skin, allowing you to use much less, but it covers much more evenly.  It also gives it the ability to be ‘buildable’ and flawless: Build your desired coverage with additional layers. Adapting to people’s individual skin type and condition, Shiseido’s Advanced Sensing Technology brings out and maintains your healthiest-looking skin, with an immaculate finish.
Micro-Fit Polymer repels oil (sebum) and water (sweat) and that Sebum Absorbing Powder absorbs them, so the smooth, ‘just-applied’ finish lasts for hours. Time Match Powder reflects the optimal amount of light for the amount of oil (sebum). With less oil (sebum), it increases clarity, for a spectacular reflection that creates more luster. With more oil (sebum), it becomes semi-transparent, and reflections are diffused.

I went into Mulligans last weekend and picked up a sample of the synchro skin and will be sure to let ye know how i get on with it. It was a fab event from an amazing range and I cannot wait to use the goodies which we received. I will be reviewing the items and will let you know what they are like.

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