Sunday Snippet : Pretty and Pearls

It's that time of the week again and this week it is the lovely lady Aoibhinn from Pretty and Pearls, her blog is one which never fails to entertain. It contains everything from beauty to celebrities. Make sure to have a read of the interview and like all the links. 

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I'm such a chatter box in real-life so a 'little' about me would be .. I only ever have one hand painted in polish because I am a new very busy mommy to our 7 month old princess, I only ever drink warm/cold cups of tea because I always forget them and I am terrified of cotton wool! and of course I am a makeup fanatic and breathe and love all things beauty and makeup.

2.  How did you get into blogging and why?

I've always been passionate about writing and expressing my opinions, in school I won multiple awards in public speaking and always Aced any essay assignments.My love of expression tied in with my passion for makeup and all things beauty one day just clicked. I like being busy and I always adored bloggers and felt like they were some super being telling us the truth and real opinions you could trust. I decided my dream would have to come alive, and one day while baby was asleep I started to type about my favorite beauty products and why they were so good, it all took off from there and I couldn't be happier.

3. What do you do when you aren’t working on your blog?

From trying out new beauty products makeup , hair or skin care to keeping other media up-dated E.g Snapchat and Twitter.. I am being a new mommy to our little girl and feeling very blessed while doing so. Everyday is an adventure and she surprises us with how clever she is each day.

4. Are you a full time blogger? How did you get into blogging and why?

Amm, I suppose 'yes' I would consider myself a full-time blogger. I say 'yes' because I upload quite a few blogs per week and I have never taken "time off" from blogging or tried to step back. If anything I would say I try harder and harder everyday to be better and constantly updating new content. I got into blogging because it was a passion of mine and I wanted to write about what I felt was important. Blogging is a hobby of mine , I mostly blog at night-time when baby tiny toes is asleep. Blogging is a way of relaxation for me I enjoy every paragraph and every word. It feels right and makes me happy which I think is most important.

5. How do you keep coming up with content for your blog?

I blog about beauty products that I try so I have endless content really, I like trying new brands and new products and when you combine Haircare , skincare, makeup all all in between the blogging is endless. I like to blog about events I attend which is current and interesting (i hope) and a little parenting blogging will be introduced in the near future too.

6. Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why?

Honestly the list is so long so just to name a few and in no particular order would be ,
Lipstick And Louboutins Blog, also a beauty blogger and mommy I feel we connect on a lot of levels and Melissa is such a down-to-earth girl I follow her on everything! Pennys To Prada I look up to because this girl has some serious fashion passion and skills! Facesbygrace is another fabulous girl, from fashion to amazing makeup this blogger has it all going on (also expecting wee baby too eep) the last Blogger I will mention has to be The Make Up Fairy, Joanne Larby is my go-to- daily inspiration. I'm currently reading her  wonderful and inspiring book 'fairy tales' and this girl is 100% hard working , passionate , concentrated and will not take 'No' for an answer. I look up to Joanne's fitness , confidence and all-round positive personality.

7. Name the top blogs you read?

The Make Up Fairy , Too Dolly Makeup and Haute So Fabulous

8.What makes you read the above blogs?

Actually I would say I follow them for all different reasons, I follow The Make Up Fairy for inspiration and positive vibes to my day , I follow Too Dolly Makeup for the most amazing makeup looks and hilarious banter , and I follow Haute so Fabulous because of the fashion , travel and simplicity of this blog. I feel so relaxed and I enjoy all aspects of the 'Haute' Blog.

9. Tell us something we don't know about you?

I am currently taking a year out from college but returning in September for my fourth and final year. I will (hopefully) graduate next year with BA of Irish Music and Dance!

10. Link us to all of your social media platforms.

here are my links guys :)
-SnapChat @pretiesndpearls (bit tricky only one 't' 'nd' not and) - sorry!

Great getting to know Aoibhinn, make sure to check out her links.

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