Artistry Flora Chic


New fragrance features a modern blend of florals scents, with a note of sparkling citrus

Imagine if grace had a scent – an expression of yourself without saying a word. For the first time in more than 50 years, leading premium skincare and cosmetics brand ARTISTRY™ introduces the fragrance launch of ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC™, a luxury eau de parfum, reminiscent of that grace, elegance and light-hearted sophistication to help you make the right impression.

ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC™ was developed exclusively for the ARTISTRY™ brand by the prestigious Fine Fragrance House of Givaudan, located in Paris, France and New York City. A global leader in fragrance creation, its perfumers have designed the world’s most sought after scents for more than 250 years.

The exclusive combination of notes that compose ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC™ was inspired by the legendary Les Jardins De Bagatelle in Paris. There, amongst thousands of roses perfuming the air, the perfumer’s imagination was sparked to create a modern blend of florals scents with a note of sparkling citrus.
The notes that compose ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC™ include:
o   French Clementine – a top note of sparkling citrus with hints of mandarin floral and sweet orange freshness
o   Bulgarian Rose – the middle note and heart of the fragrance, at once soft and deep, sensual and sweet
o   Ylang Ylang Madagascar – the base note is a fruity, sweet creamy floral, with exotic and earthy undertones

ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC is also this unique stylish bottle, designed with care to every detail by worldwide creative director of Select World, Olivier Van Doorne. The bottle’s cap alone is composed of twenty individual components, and crafted with the personal touch of twenty-eight artisans.

“ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC™ is like nothing we’ve ever done before in fragrance. Every element – from the captivating notes to the bottle, to the stunning campaign imagery and beyond,” says Kim Malewitz, Director of Global Beauty Marketing for Amway
ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC is the perfect finishing touch of your daily beauty regimen.

ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC™ RRP: €72.10. Please visit for more information.

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