Mad Hatters Tea Party : Deisebloggers Summer Event

Last Sunday the 7th August we hosted our second #Deisebloggers Event. This time the team was myself, Lisa from Cuddles And Contouring, and Jodi from Jodi Roche Makeup. It was an absolute pleasure to work with the girls again, and I am so proud of what we pulled off. We held a meeting a few months back and we decided that we wanted to do our bit for charity. We further decided that we wanted the event to be in aid of Pieta House. We contacted Pieta House and we were thrilled when we heard that a Waterford Branch was opening and that we would be able to donate the funds raised to the new premises. Several meetings later we had our event all organised and it was full steam ahead. Sinead in the Kazbar was on board and we couldn't wait to go back. We held our first event in the Kazbar and we were so grateful to Sinead and the team. Our first event went amazingly thanks to the help of Sinead so we were more than happy to go back to the Kazbar. 

The event came and went so so fast, I actually can't believe it's all over. On the day we met early to pack the goodybags for all the lovely ladies attending. The time just went so so fast but we had an absolute ball. All of these bags could not have happened without all of our sponsors who I will mention below. After the bags were packed, the decorations Sinead had up, and we had done some rearranging the place looked amazing. We had everything ready and their was a queue of people outside waiting to come in. 

First up we had Celia from Nia, who gave us an insight into Nia and all their products. Nia means radiance. They have an array of products from eye serums, to cleansing balms, moisturisers. There is something there to suit everyone.  

Next up we had the fab Danielle Roche who showed us her airbrush machine and how she applies foundation. She did an amazing daytime look on her model and really enhanced her beauty.

After Danielle, the lovely Louise from Tomitago gave us a talk on all their products while the fantastic Sammy Stacey from Beautorium demoed the products in action. She displayed how to use the products from the cleanser, mask and elixir. Tomitago are a local company. They are based in Piltown, Co. Kilkenny. All of the products manufactured are 100% chemical free. This is a great merit of the products as chemicals are very dangerous for the skin as they disrupt the acid mantle causing lots of problems in regards to dehydration, fine lines, premature ageing. One product suits all with this range so it can be used on all skin types. 

Credit to Wildflower Diaries for the pic. I was busy behind the scenes.

After this we had a break where the Kazbar provided food and complimetary tea and coffee for our tea party. The food was amazing. How fab does it look below. 

Next up was the amazingly talented Niamh Cleary. Anyone who follows Niamh on snpachat will know how talented this girl is. She did a night time glam look on her model and I honestly could watch and listen to her all day. It was her second tutorial but you would never know it as she just oozes confidence. 

Next up then was the Queen of hair Lyndsey, I had seen Lyndsey at a previous event and I swear to Gods she is just amazing. She did a faux bob on the Queen of Snapchat Dianne Everrett. They are such a comical duo but the finished look on Dianne was just unreal. Like i cant even deal with how amazing it was. 

Diane then did a quick Q & A with the group where she was asked loads of questions. 

And then after a quick raffle our last and final piece was upon us. We decided we wanted to do something special to mark the occasion. We wanted to release balloons for Pieta house as a mark of respect to any with mental health problems. We organised the balloons and then went downstairs to release the balloons. It was a very special moment and I will always remember it. 

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