Sunday Snippet : Megan Condron

This weeks Sunday snippet features another wonderful Deiseblogger. This week in the form of Megan Condron from Megan Condron Blog. Megan is a lovely new blogger and her blog is very informative. Make sure to check out all her social media links below. 

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Im 19 years old from waterford! I have 8 brothers and 1 sister and I live with my grandmother 😊

2.  How did you get into blogging and why?

I always wanted to be a blogger because I love reading other peoples but I was too nervous to start my own but my boyfriend pushed me to just go for it so I did!

3. What do you do when you aren’t working on your blog?

 I live with my grandmother who's 80 so I look after her.

4. Are you a full time blogger?

No I'm not a full time blogger I would love to be but I dont think I would have the time.

5. How do you keep coming up with content for your blog? 

I just review products I have tried that I think others will like or share products I thought were worth the hype and products that I think arent worth the hype. If its not makeup related then its just something on my mind that I feel like sharing.

6. Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why?

Jamie May
Cuddles and Contouring
I think anyone who can come on and talk about their mental health and anxiety are just amazing! It's not talked about enough but these girls have talked about it and I'm sure some of their followers have felt confort in knowing its okay not to be okay. So many people suffer in silence and it helps to know that they're not alone.

7. Name the top blogs you read?

Cuddles and Contouring
Penny's to Prada
Kayleighs Kreations
Jamie May

8.What makes you read the above blogs? 

I love how they always have something different to talk about and they share tips and tricks related to fashion/beauty/skincare and some mental health!

9. Tell us something we don't know about you? 

I was on the show "The Den" on RTE2 when I was younger. My mam dressed me in denim jeans, a denim jacket and a denim hat. Im not sure if being dressed head to toe in denim or having "BRATZ" wrote on them all is worse 🙈

10. Link us to all of your social media platforms.

Snapchat: megancondron or megancblog 😊

Thanks so much to Megan for featuring and make sure to check out those social media links above. 

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