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Well hello there my lovely followers, today's post is a little different. I was tagged by the gorgeous Jodi Roche to do the Instagram Tag. Check out her post here. This tag involves some questions about my instagram page and profile.. I'm gonna drive straight into it below so have a look. 

1. What's your Instagram Name??

My instagram name is the same as my blog Rachsbeautique. I wanted to keep everything the same so it is easy to follow my profiles.

2. How many times a day do you post?

I usually try and post 4 times a day. I find it easier to post on instagram. I was recently named as one of the top 31 beauty instagram followers to follow by so I must be doing something right lol!

3. What is you most liked post?

My most liked post is this quote which is one of my favourites.

4. How many posts do you have?

I have 687 posts which isn't many.

5. Out of all the filters which is your favourite?

I don't really use filters especially not on makeup pictures as I want to be very authentic about my posts and my work.

6. Favourite image you have captured?

I love this pic of my beloved dog Jake, who passed away just over 3 weeks ago now. I miss him so much.

7. Do you use a camera or a phone to capture images?

I use my phone which is a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact or my Canon Dslr camera depending on what I'm taking photos of.

8.Do you edit pictures?

I usually crop pictures if needs be but other than that i try not to have to edit as much if not needed.

9. Who is your favourite instagrammer?

I don't have any favourite but I love to follow all of the Inglot ladies, Nikkie Tutorials, Tanya Burr and all the irish beauty bloggers.

10. Whats the very first photo you uploaded?

The very first photo I uploaded is this one of my cousin Sarah whose make up I had done when I was studying for my Itec Make Up Certificate.

That's all from me I tag Anita from, Emma from Mastering Your Makeup and Blathnaid from Wildflower Diaries to do this tag.

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