Jo Browne Natural Solid Perfume

A few weeks back the lovely Joanne from Jo Browne Natural Solid Perfume sent me two of her three perfumes to try out. I was so grateful to receive these handmade gifts. I immediately set about doing some investigation into Joanne and her products. I really wish I had a smell filter but trust me when I say I honestly have never smelt anything like these before. I am a perfume hoarder and I regularly change and swop scents from week to week. I have been using these with weeks and I just love them. 

Joanne Browne is the founder and creator of Jo Browne Natural Solid perfume. Since qualifying as a reflexologist and holistic therapist 10 years ago, Joanne's passion has been essential oils and she has completed a course in aromatherapy to learn all about the natural products.  In 2013 Joanne chose to follow her dream and use her passion to create sensual, stimulating solid fragrances. From hard work, experience and trial and error Jo Browne Natural Solid perfume was created. All of the fragrances are individually handmade using organic beeswax and essential oils, a process which takes up to 6 months.

The bamboo tube packaging not only looks really attractive, but is natural, ecological and from a sustainable source. Currently there is  three solid fragrances available for purchase for the female market and we are very excited to launch our first Jo Browne Natural Solid fragrance for the male market in October. Each fragrance for the solid perfume and oils has been developed personally, with love and care by Joanne Browne.

I received Floral Note and Sweet Note. Each fragrance has a completely unique fresh scent that really awakes the senses. It is stimulating to the nerve endings and just makes you feel alive. The lasting power of these solid wax perfumes are unbelievable, easily 8 hours without reapplication throughout the day. I have been alternating between both fragrances and I honestly can't pick a favourite. I love both equally.  These Perfumes are packaged like a lip balm. To apply you simply take off the cap and twist the bottom, allowing the solid perfume to roll up. Due to the fact they are solid you can apply without marking clothes. The perfumes weigh very little which makes them so travel friendly. I always have both in my handbag and there is no space taken up. 

Sweet Note is a sweet edible citrus accord with top  notes of orchid, candy floss and citrus followed by a sweet heart with rosewood and neroli on a base of crushed vanilla pods, musk, almond and amber. Floral Note is an elegant floral composition where sparkling bergamot and grapefruit rest upon a full blooming heart of wild jasmine, tuberose, lilac and orange blossom twisted with lemongrass.  Sandalwood and myrrh form the base with a whisper of green violet leaf.

These cost €18 each and I can guarantee they will last you forever as a little bit of these perfumes go a long way! They are so reasonable compared to perfume off the shelf. These perfumes give you a long lasting scent which is absolutely amazing. Check them out here

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