Smooch Cosmetics

I love trying out a new brand so I was delighted when I was given an opportunity to sample some delights from Smooch Cosmetics, a cute, brand based in the UK.

Eyeshadow Duo's

Firstly the eyeshadow duo. The colours are gorgeous in the cute little palette that comes with a handy mirror. At £9.50, it’s mid priced but looks and feels suitably well made. But of course, the real question?? What are the actual eyeshadows like???  This is where I was a bit disappointed. There’s quite a lot of glitter in the mix that makes it a little bit gritty and powdery, making it harder to blend. I don't dislike it but it means I need to make sure and do my eye makeup before hand 


I have tried all 4 lipsticks — lovely colours a range of pinks and coral.  They go from a baby pink, neon pink, through to a dark pink/plum and then a coral one. Flossie is a lovely baby pink, Trolley Dolly is a neon bright pink, and Sweetness is a pink/plum colour. Hot lips is a coral colour and perfect for summer. All lipsticks are easy to apply and the colour is very even. Very good for budget lipsticks!


Out of these products, the blusher is what I’ve used the most. The shade is called Peachy. Peachy shades are perfect for my pale skin tone and the pigments of this blusher are great. You only need a tiny bit! If you want a very natural look the lighter shade is the best, but they can be combined too. The darker one is more suitable for nighttime for my fair complexion. I love that there’s a mirror in the lid. 


Packaged in a metallic gold box with a lacy label (think lacy thigh highs) and stylized font. Enclosed is a full sized mirror, a miniature flat brush and 8 g of bronzer with a stylized S running through. The pigmentation of the bronzer is quite gentle with glitter throughout, however during use the glitter doesn’t appear in your face, but adds a light shine. The highlighted S through the bronzer doesn’t actually change the shade whatsoever when swirled together, so you don’t need to worry about a colour change either. It’s applies nicely and blends well, but can easily be over-blended, so be gentle! It adds a delicate sun-kissed definition to my face when I have no wish to do the fully contoured look, but still want a natural “highlight” to stand out, and honestly, I am loving it. Without a primer on, the bronzer last me an entire day (8 hours) before it begins to fade, and it fades very gracefully.

Overall, this brand is well worth taking a look at. They’ve a nice selection of products in an interesting range of colours and I’d happily recommend these for someone who is starting out in the makeup world or someone looking to get a teenager set up with some makeup. 

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