A night of Bombay with Alan Kavanagh & Will Lynch

Davy Macs Waterford is the newest Gin Bar in town. Last Friday night they hosted a night of Bombay with Alan Kavanagh & Will Lynch. Truthfully I didn't even know what Gin tasted like before I went in and I was eager to find out if I would like it. Alan Kavanagh is the Irish Brand Ambassador for Bombay Sapphire. 

The #Ginspiration night began when we were presented with the biggest glass of Gin & Tonic I have ever seen. Once everyone was seated and comfortable, Alan began his introduction where he explained all about the creation of Bombay Sapphire.I will admit that I had no knowledge of how Gin was made. Alan gave an amazing rendition of the history of Bombay. 

The most usual production method for gin is to distill botanicals, such as juniper, coriander, citrus peel, cinnamon, almond or liquorice, with neutral grain alcohol. Making gin is like flavoring vodka, except that botanicals are always natural. The creation of Bombay Sapphire is truly unique. Whilst ordinary gins boil their botanicals directly in the spirit to achieve their flavour, the taste of Bombay Sapphire is created through the Vapour Infusion process.

The 10 precious botanicals used in Bombay Sapphire are held separate from the spirit in perforated copper baskets, and when the heated vapours rise, the distinctive flavour of the botanicals are released. The result? A complex aromatic liquid that delivers a broader, more balanced flavour. So what are the 10 botanicals in this magnificent liquid.

Botanicals : Juniper, Lemon Peel, Grains of Paradise, Corriander, Cubeb Berries, Orris Root, Almonds, Casis Bark, Liquorice and Angelica. These botanicals are added to the Neutral Spirit and then through the process of vapourisation and sublimation the Bombay Sapphire is produced. 

The next step in our lesson was to learn all about and taste the three types of Bombay Sapphire. First up is the original Bombay Sapphire. Then we have Bombay East and Star of Bombay. 

Bombay Sapphire : 40.0%

The selection and balance of Bombay Sapphire's 10 botanicals is based on a recipe that dates back to 1761. Presented in its distinctive square, blue glass bottle, Bombay Saphire is made from triple distilled neutral grain spirit that is heated and passed through the botanicals in its vaporised state. Add pure water from Lake Vyrnwy and the result is a refreshing, distinctive, clean Gin with an undeniably distinctive taste.

Bombay Sapphire East : 43%

The classic Bombay recipe with a twist. Using the same botanicals as the original gin but with the addition of Thai lemongrass and Vietnamese peppercorns. These add fragrant spiciness, earthiness and a sweet citrus edge to the gin.

Star of Bombay : 47.5%

Produced using a slow distillation method in small batches entirely at the Bombay Sapphire Distillery in Hampshire, England. Star of Bombay features two extra botanicals in addition to the 10 botanicals that feature in their flagship gin. Gently dried Bergamot orange peel from the mountains of Calabria, Southern Italy, provides a fragrant, rich citrus note; while the floral musk of ambrette seeds from the tropical yellow hibiscus flower grown in Ecuador, supply a graceful elegance.  A delicate gin. Pine and coriander to the fore with musty, earthy base notes freshened by exotic orange and spice.

Having tasted all three, I have to admit that Star of Bombay was my favourite. Even though you would think it would be harder to drink as it is so strong it is deceptively easy to drink. It has a lovely flavour and pure taste. The latter part of the evening was a cocktail menu where all of the cocktails were based on the three types of Bombay. Of course I had to sample some, the Thyme is on our side did not appeal to me as I am not a lover of thyme, but the Popcorn Gimlet and Posh G&T were right up my street. My partner tried The Ultimate G&T and the Garden Of Eden and they were delectable. 

All of the above Bombay Products are available from Waterford's Finest Gin Bar Davy Macs on John's Avenue. Michael, Seamus, Sinead, Alan & all the team have put major effort into making this bar the hottest spot on Waterford Tiles. If you get the opportunity to pop in and sample some of their delectable cocktails and over 10 different types of gin then it is a trip worth making. 

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