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On Friday evening last, I was invited to Aphrodite Salon in Mooncoin for a Eleni Facial and an blowdry. Aphrodite is run by Needless to say i was more than happy to head off and try out the Eleni products for the first time. As a Qualified Aesthetician it is a rare occurrence that you get treated to a facial. I was so excited as it had been a hectic week in college and I couldn't wait to relax. 

Eleni is a relatively new skincare company who launched in 2014. Eleni is the brainchild of Piet Meyer the creator of all of the wonderful treatments, and also who created brands such as Exorex for psoriasis. He has devoted his life to developing skin care products that can really improve skin conditions from the inside out. In order for this to work he designed products which had the molecular complex to penetrate deep down into the dermis. The dermis is the second layer of the skin, and it is here that collage and elastin are produced. The dermis is a semi permeable which means that selected substances can be secreted and excreted. Many products are unable to pentetrate down into the dermis due to their molecular composition. Meyer has created this range specifically using lipids which the body recognizes as fat and allows the substance to penetrate into the dermis which leaves the skin rejuvenated, smooth clear and radiating. 

So after Lyndsey had filled me in on the background of the brand and their ethos, we got chatting about beauticians and how rare it is for us to be treated by one another. Not many aestheticians like receiving treatments from other aestheticians and can be quite criticial. Everyone is different, personally I love it and I love learning from new people and seeing if their is any new techniques I can pick up. I was all prepped in a lovely quiet and serene treatment room. There was a gorgeous scent and the ambience was satisfyingly serene. We discussed my skin and Lyndsey opted for a hydration facial as the cold weather was having a damaging effect on the moisture content of my skin. 

As the hydrate and nourish treatment is normally 35 min facial Lyndsey upgraded the facial to a 60 min by including a mask. So lets get down to the nitty gritty. Firstly Lyndsey double cleansed using the Sebum Cleanse Mask, eléni Sebum Cleanse Mask is designed to be highly versatile in its use.It is used initially to soften and remove stubborn make-up when washed off, and then secondly when applied as a double cleanse it is allowed to rest while excess oil is absorbed and residue make-up and pollutants are trapped and then it is washed off. This cleanse felt like no other cleanser I had ever used on my face before. It was sensational. If there is one product I was really blown away by it was this. I need to get my hands on some of this. Lyndsey used effleurage techniques to work the product into the skin and it literally melted away any make up or residue on the skin.

Next up was the exfoliant. I love exfoliants, whether it be mechanical or enzymes. The Eleni Exfoliant is a combination of both mechanical and enzyme. Mechanical by means of seed powder to lift off any dead skin cells when worked into the skin, and enzyme by means of Papain from the Papaya where it dissolves and breaks down any dead skin cells. This exfoliant felt so light on the skin, the apricot seeds rolled over the skin and felt light enough to remove the dead skin cells with ease without damaging the skin. 

Next up then was the Mask which was applied and left to do its magic. The Eléni Even Skin Tone Mask is designed to address the age old skin problem of a range of skin discolouration concerns, including hyperpigmentation, sun and age spots and blemishes whilst calming stressed and visibly irritated skin resulting in a brighter more even skin tone. The smell of this mask was amazing. I am a real smell person and I just love the scent of this entire range. Each product smells different but they are captivating.  After the mask was removed Lyndsey performed a facial massage using the Intensive hydrating massage cream. She used a range of effleurage, petrissage, frictions,and tapotement movements on the face. Her pressure was just perfect and I really felt the effect of the massage. I was completely relaxed and at ease. 

Lastly we finished off with some facial toner spritz, and then eye contour cream , reconstruction serum and the intensive stabilising moisturiser. At this point I was ready to fall asleep on the bed. I was so relaxed. Lyndsey is definitely a therapist I 100% recommend going to for a facial. She has the power of touch. I was then escorted to Kelly's chair where I had my hair washed and blowdried. While my hair was being dried I chatted to Kelly about the business and drank coffee and ate scones from Rose Cafe which is right next door. The two business's support one another and the service is fantastic. Kelly gave me a fantastic blowdry with body in it and then put some loose curls in. She went for the Farrah Fawcett look and I loved the bounce it had. I honestly didn't recognise it was my hair.

The two ladies Lyndsey and Kelly are hard working and dedicated. You can tell the amount of work they put in and they are driven by their passion for the industry. I highly recommend popping out to Mooncoin for a treatment. If you would like to try out Aphrodite Hair & Beauty Salon in Mooncoin and would like 10% discount off any treatment, just quote 'Rachsbeautique'. Thanks so much to the girls I felt like a new woman leaving on friday night. 

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