Get that sunkissed tan look!

Avoid tell-tale signs you’re faking it with Janice O’ Sullivan, creator of the latest self-tan SunKiss, and her top tips every Friday for the next few weeks for self-tan success!

Wearing a mitt when applying tan is essential. It reduces the margin of error as you apply the tan. The mitt you choose is very important to give a streak free and even application. Choosing a mitt with a lotion proof barrier to ensure your hands remain stain free.

 SunKiss tanning mitt is a luxurious, double sided, velvet tanning mitt. It’s fool proof and will glide over your skin creating a fabulous glow quickly. Gone are the days of the flimsy disposable mitt, the SunKiss tanning mitt is machine washable, just pop it into the washing machine at 40 degrees ensuring your SunKiss mitt will provide a helping hand to create that flawless bronzed glow time and time again.

Spray SunKiss Tanning Mist 6-12 inches from the body in sweeping movements to achieve an even tan, or spray the tan on the SunKiss mitt and rub! Alternatively pump SunKiss Tanning Mousse onto the mitt and apply to the skin by rubbing gently and evenly which will allow the mousse to absorb, giving a flawless glow! 

SunKiss luxurious tanning mitt - RRP €5.95

SunKiss is a responsive tanning product that adapts to your skin-tone to create the sun kissed and natural glow you’re looking for. Originally a professional spray tanning product Janice wanted to create a high quality tanning system that could be applied at home. Easy application and a sweet fresh scent were key to the final product design which Irish consumers can now enjoy. With SunKiss you know that you are going to look authentically tanned with a healthy glow!

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