Sunkissed This Thursdays Tanning Tip: Hair Prepare

Avoid tell-tale signs you’re faking it with Janice O’ Sullivan, creator of the latest self-tan SunKiss, Thursday Tanning Tips for self-tan success.

It is important to get rid of any unwanted hair before tanning.  All hair removal should be carried out before applying, wax 48 hours or shave 24 hours before. This ensures the skin has calmed, desensitised and any cuts from shaving or irritations from waxing have healed.It also allows the SunKiss Mousse to glide onto freshly soft and hair free legs. Show off your incredible new golden glow this Thursday! Flaunt those flawless pins whenever you can and enjoy the feeling of being beautifully bronzed.

SunKiss instant self-tanning mousse 200ml RRP €12.95

SunKiss is a responsive tanning product that adapts to your skin-tone to create the sun kissed and natural glow you’re looking for. Originally a professional spray tanning product Janice wanted to create a high quality tanning system that could be applied at home. Easy application and a sweet fresh scent were key to the final product design which Irish consumers can now enjoy. With SunKiss you know that you are going to look authentically tanned with a healthy glow!

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