Wet N Wild 1 step Gel

So a few weeks ago I got a lovely package from the ladies at Wet N Wild including a lovely DIY set. The 1 step gel collection from Wet N Wild is that you don't need anything but the bottle of polish you're using to complete your manicure. So no base or top coat required. While they're calling them a "gel", it isn't a true gel and doesn't require a light to cure it. 

So I was sent Under My Plum and Crime of Passion. I immediately got to work on my Diy manicure, So overall, I really like these. They all apply nice and I absolutely love the brush that comes with these. It's flat and rounded and is the perfect fit for my nail and cuticle shape. LOVE it so so much. Its so easy to complete the nail polish in 3 perfect steps. 

Now, I wore them with a top coat as I just like top coat but i did also without as the polish is "meant" to be worn. I will say, while it's possible and okay without top coat, I would definitely recommend adding one. My manicure lasted much longer with it and I also noticed a pretty big difference in the overall look of the polish on my nail with the top coat vs without (I liked it with top coat more).

On the whole though, I really enjoyed these polishes. The colors and finishes are great. They're priced nicely and the formula and application were easy to work with. These are available at all Wet N Wild stands and are excellent value at €2.95.

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