Putting up a Barrier can be a good thing!

World leader, Uriage, launches two products for skin problems that need a barrier, protective and healing care – a must buy product for every household. Uriage, the richest thermal water, with the highest concentration of minerals and trace elements (52 x richer than other Thermal Water available) has launched two new products, Uriage Bariéderm Repairing CICA Cream and the Uriage Bariéderm Insulating Repairing Hand Cream.

For minor procedures: peeling, laser, hair removal, for small cuts and superficial scratches,  after tattoo or tattoo removal,  scars, contact dermatitis,  minor burns, sunburn , to treat cheilitis, to treat common nappy rash and soothe irritations, Perioral dermatitis, Lips chaps, dry patches, Skin fold irritations, small blisters and skin problems linked to contact with irritants or allergens.

The Uriage Bariéderm line has been a great success ever since it was launched. A new generation of "barrier" products that both insulate and repair the skin, the Bariéderm line fully meets the needs of skin facing chemical and physical stress on a daily basis The Bariéderm line has become a leader in barrier products as well as skin protection and repair. Uriage is proud to launch two creams with wound healing qualities.

So these two new products landed in my door a few weeks ago. I decided that myself and my brother were going to test these out. He is a mechanic and his hands suffer as a result. My mam also go in on the testing as she just loves hand creams and also complains that her hands are dry lol. 

Uriage Bariéderm Repairing CICA-cream was first up, it is a velvety cream that is easy to massage in for a quick absorption. It is a first aid product that provides fast healing and immediate relief and prevents scarring for the entire range of cuts, perfect also for minor surgeries and procedures. It is the perfect repairing cream for everyday minor skin ailments for the whole family.I used this on a burn which i received from a lovely oven pan lol and it definetly aided the healing of the burn. This is the kind of product which every home should have in their presses. It is a definite all rounder and at RRP €10 it is a great price point – Available in Pharmacies nationwide and at http://uriage.ie

This is perfect for anyone working with their hands such as farmers, gardeners, painters and decorators, mechanics and brick layers. This is the only barrier cream that both insulates and repairs. It does this through its double action formula, which is particularly effective for people with severely dry hands (irritants contact dermatosis and chronic hand dermatitis). My brother loved this. They used a barrier cream in his training facility but not in work so he now uses this daily to insulate and repair his hands. 

This non sticky water resistant cream penetrates fast and is invisible on application. Another product perfect for professional or family use.  In clinical studies, the Bariederm Insulating Repiring Hand Cream reduced drynedd by 48% in 14 days, and reduced pain by 44% in a week. Uriage has been developed in collaboration with dermatologists and pharmacists from all over the world all products are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, paraben-free.Again this retails at €10 and is very affordable. 

I highly recommend these products for anyone who works with their hands or suffers from dry hands. The Cica cream is a must for first aid needs. 

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