REPLICA Eau du Parfum Collection 2016

Echoing Maison Margiela’s ‘Artisanal’ Haute Couture world under the creative direction of John Galliano, the House presents its first collection of four Eau de Parfum fragrances based on the evolving narrative of the ‘Replica’ Eau de Toilette series established in 2012. Stemming from the concept of memories and emotions transformed into scents, ‘Replica’ Eau de Parfum has evolved to reach new ethereal heights of olfactory duplication – transcending the reality of memories to express a surreal realm of four human fantasies.

The ‘Replica’ series of Eau De Toilette fragrances is intrinsically linked with memories: the emotional souvenirs of the human condition that recall the sensory experiences that speak to our collective consciousness. In evolving this concept, the Eau de Parfum collection reaches above and beyond memory to peek into the unknown, ensnaring our penchant for fantasy, the spectacular construct of dreams and surreal possibilities.

Within the series, four different distinctive universes emerge: an oriental leather scent, a white floral aldehydic, a green vegetal scent, and a fresh ‘cologne-style’ eau de parfum.

Each fragrance is labelled ‘Gender Anonymous’, reinforcing Maison Margiela’s dedication to equality and its non-conformist approach to society gender norms. Gender is rendered invisible and unimportant, evoking a new curiosity for the wearer to discover and experience each scent with no limits or pretences.

Entwined with the poetry of collage and the humble tearing of paper, the ‘Replica’ Eau de Parfum series explores this postmodern narrative, seen in ‘Artisanal’ and Ready-to-Wear collections, in the world of fragrance. Just as the ‘rip-to-reveal’ concept defines the construction of many of the House’s silhouettes, so it is applied as a visual queue to illustrate the complex composition of each fragrance as its own abstract ideal and fantasy world. Surrealist collages are applied to the packaging and visual universe of each fragrance, thus inviting the wearer to plunge into a world of reverie before smelling each Replica Eau de Parfum:

Dancing on the Moon: Bathed in bright spotlight, an anonymous dancer in full arabesque pose sways across the lunar surface in a white gown as planet Earth appears distant in space.

Across Sands: Two travellers stand on the brink of an endless desert dune-scape, the hills lit by fiery light with a swirl of cosmic galaxies beyond.

Soul of The Forest: Assumed into the vivid green plant life, the soul of the forest is a subliminal force which bears no human bodily form but a pair of arms that disappear into the bright foliage.

Flying: In a clash of impossible perspectives, the gift of flight reveals a hot air balloon and a pair of approaching planets against the backdrop of a luminous sunset. 

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