Bioderma introduces a new moisture-generating mask to its Hydrabio range - NEW Hydrabio Masque 75ml RRP €13.00

NEW Hydrabio Masque 75ml RRP €13.00 - Bioderma introduces a new moisture-generating mask to its Hydrabio range -

Leading French dermocosmetic brand, BIODERMA, is proud to announce the launch of the NEW Hydrabio Masque. Specifically formulated for those with dehydrated and sensitive skin, Hydrabio Masque is the gentle moisture-generating mask with the Aquagenium© patent and the sixth product to be added to the Hydrabio range. It is available from independent pharmacies nationwide from February 2017.

Dehydrated skin
Skin dehydration leads to a state of discomfort including tightness, scaling and stinging. Without water, the surface layers of the skin can no longer perform their barrier function. As a result, the skin loses its suppleness and elasticity. The face becomes marked and the complexion loses its radiance.

Hydrabio Range
The HYDRABIO range is specially formulated to provide intense hydration and radiance for dehydrated and sensitive skin. The HYDRABIO range has been formulated to stimulate the skin's cellular capacities and reactivate its natural hydration process. By observing the skin’s natural hydration mechanisms, reinforced by advanced research, BIODERMA has developed a formula that is able to innovate and offer a new dimension to hydration – the unique Aquagenium© patent.

Hydrabio Masque 75ml – RRP €13.00
Bioderma’s Hydrabio Masque works to strengthen the skin’s barrier function. A Bioderma innovation, the patented biological complex Aquagenium© stimulates the skin's cellular capacities and retrains it to deeply generate the water it needs to stay balanced. By placing biology at the service of dermatology, the Hydrabio Masque provides hydration, radiance and a sensory experience in one single, skin-safe product. Product features also include: allergen-free, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic.

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