Bio-Cellulose EGF Revitalising Facial Beauty Mask

Last week I received 2 new masks from the Beauty Belle range. I have seen the masks on the Beauty Belle social media pages and they looked to be superior quality. Sheet masks are the new kids on the block, they are everywhere. Sheet masks originated in Korea and if its good enough for the Koreans its good enough for me. Koreans are famous for their exquisite skin, and who doesn't want wonderful skin? A sheet mask is a cloth or paper saturated in skin-loving ingredients that’s left over your face for 10-15 minutes so your skin can absorb its fill of the good stuff. These are prepared with exactly the right amount of product for your skin. And your face can do nothing but soak up the goodness while it’s resting under the fabric. The other thing is, you’ll find you won’t need to rinse your face afterwards. Just work in the excess product that’s remaining on your skin with the tips of your fingers. The whole routine really couldn’t be easier.

The mask I received and have reviewed is the Bio Cellulose Epidermal Growth Factor Revitalising Mask. Epidermal Growth Factor is a polypeptide made up of  amino acids which aids cell renewal. It may also increase collagen production, though the jury's still out on this count. EGF is a growth factor that plays an important role in the regulation of cell growth, proliferation, and differentiation. It has the ability to fast repair and allows new cell growth on the outer layer of the skin. It reduces fine wrinkle lines and improves skin texture, for a plumper, softer and healthier look. It has been branded the elixir of youth!!! 

So how did I get on with the mask? I am a fan of sheet masks, I love how the feel so luxurious and cooling on the skin. I cleansed my face thoroughly before applying the mask to ensure that my pores were open in order for the product to be able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. I sat the mask onto my skin, it perfectly fits the contours of the skin and moulds to the face. Once on I sat back and left the mask soothe my skin for 20 mins before removing. I then massaged any excess product which was left on the skin after I removed the mask. The skin soaks up the product. 

Afterwards my skin felt smooth, supple and hydrated. Any fine lines and wrinkles were plumped and the skin looks fresher and brighter. These masks are so handy as they are quite small and neatly packaged. No need to tuck away a suitcase of products when going out. These products are very travel friendly and take up no room at all.  As part of an anti ageing treatment this mask would prove to be an excellent addition once a week to the skincare routine. 

I highly recommend these masks which are available from Beauty Belle. There is a wide variety of masks available so there is one there to suit all, 19 in total. Check them out here. The EGF mask is €9.14 or €37.98 for a box of five masks. I highly recommend this mask and will be incorporating it into my skincare routine to combat fine lines and wrinkles on a regular basis. 

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