Vichy Idealia Peeling

Vichy have just launched an exciting new product within their Idealia range; the Vichy Idealia Peeling – Radiance Activating Night Peeling Care which I couldn’t wait to try.  Vichy proudly introduces, IDÉALIA PEELING, its first overnight liquid peel which has been formulated to suit even the most sensitive skin. Vichy’s new radiance activating night peeling care combines 4% Glycolic Acid + 5% Hepes to create a gentle peeling action for long-term radiance and improved skin quality day-by-day. Its unique water-light formula visibly tightens pores, improves skin texture and smooths fine lines. Skin is left feeling softer and looking brighter.

The effects of stress and exhaustion brought on by our modern day fast-paced lifestyle have led to the exhaustion. Just as your body feels exhausted from too many late nights in the office and too little sleep, your skin looks it. The visible signs of ‘Exhausted Skin’ are characterised by a dramatic decline in skin quality. Skin can appear ‘drained’, dehydrated or display an increase in dehydration lines and a lack of radiance; skin appears lacklustre and in need of a boost. VICHY Laboratories have identified two main physiological factors responsible for skin’s exhaustion:

  • OXIDATIVE STRESS which causes changes to the skin’s cells and molecules, reducing skin quality.
  • GLYCATION which affects structural disruptions, making skin seem visibly duller. 

Vichy’s IDÉALIA PEELING has  been formulated with an infusion of key natural extracts to tackle exhausted skin and restore skin’s optimum glow; the new formula acts as an antioxidant rich elixir to re-energise and reveal new skin quality.

BLUEBERRY POLYPHENOLS - Rich in antioxidant molecules, polyphenols counteract the effects of oxidative stress.

KOMBUCHA TEA EXTRACT - Known as “tea of immortality” in Ancient China, Kombucha is obtained from black tea through a double fermentation process and works to prevent structural disruptions by its anti-glycation action, helping to restore skin quality.

HEPES 5% - Is an active ingredient that works as an exfoliating agent, stimulating the desquamation enzymes found naturally in the skin.

GLYCOLIC ACID 4% - Also works to gently exfoliate the skin to improve the skin’s softness, brightness and luminosity.

VICHY MINERALISING THERMAL WATER - Enriched with 15 minerals and clinically proven to strengthen the skin’s barrier function and help accelerate surface skin cell renewal.

To use the Vichy Idealia Peeling, Vichy recommend applying the liquid to a cotton pad and gently smoothing the pad across the face and neck at night after cleansing, avoiding the eye contour area and following with night cream. The consistency is just like any other toner out there and is cleverly designed to stop any excess product from flowing out due to the plastic stopper at the top. My skin is quite sensitive and it does react to strong products. I was quite apprehensive trying the Vichy but as it is for sensitive skin then i knew I was in good hands. The results from this peel are excellent. I started by using it every other night but then ramped it up to every night. My skin is much more even and there is no real pigmentation. My large open pores have most definitely shrunk and they are not as prominent or obvious. Fine lines have improved but I need to improve my water intake to help the dehydration lines. Overall this is an excellent product. Vichy is a brand which I find myself leaning towards recently. There products are excellent and this is one which anyone who doesn't have time to really look after there skin can benefit from. It does most of the work for you and all you need is a cleanser and moisturiser and you are all set. No need for exfoliators or loads of time with this product. 

Studies have shown that after 1 month, complexion is more even, pores and skin texture are refined and fine lines are smoothed. After 3 months, studies have shown an increase in the skin’s softness (+54%), smoothness (+53%), a boost to the skin’s radiance (+40%) and a significant decrease of pigmentation (-40%)*

RRP: €30.00 (100ml)

Available from pharmacies nationwide. Locally available from Waterford Health Park Pharmacy.

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