The perfect travel essentials

Make sure to pop these in your carry-on luggage when going on holiday this summer! Get travel ready with these essentials. Furthermore these fabulous products work hard for you in the sun and can be packed in your suitcase or carried on board – just perfect!

Uriage Thermal Water Spray

High temperatures cause your skin to become hot and red with open pores allowing dirt and bacteria to enter the skin. So why not cool down your skin this summer with Uriage Thermal Water which hydrates, soothes irritations and reinforces the skins natural defence mechanisms. Uriage Thermal Spring Water on the skin, wait a few seconds to let it dry into the skin then relax in the sun feeling cooled refreshed, revived and hydrated! Uriage Thermal Water Spray has the highest concentration of minerals and trace elements (52x richer than other Thermal Water available) and is proven to be soothing and fortifying for the skin. Its high mineral content and rich compositions makes it exceptional water with therapeutic properties. IT IS HYDRATING & SOOTHING, +32% more hydration 1 hour after application, ANTI-FREE RADICAL, ANTI-INFLAMMATORY, HEALING, FILMOGENIC and it REINFORCES THE CUTANEOUS BARRIER, Uriage Thermal Water Spray comes in a 50ml, 150ml and 300ml version, so the 50ml version is perfect for your handbag when on holiday! Uriage Thermal Water is available in pharmacies nationwide and at RRP €5 – 50ml / RRP €9.50 – 150 ml / RRP€14.50 – 300ml

IDC Regen Express Perfection SPF 15

Tinted multi-benefit skincare with SPF 15 for use on face, eyes and neck. Say goodbye to your concealer, pressed powder and foundation! Save time every morning with this tinted multi-benefit moisturizer for the face, eyes and neck. Formulated with SPF 15, this all-in-one product is perfect for women on the go who want results. Apply every morning after cleansing with IDC Pearl Gel or Integral Cleanser Milk, all made in Quebec. IDC Regen Express Perfection SPF 15 Available in pharmacies nationwide RRP €45

 Uriage Light Water Cream SPF20

It’s essential to stay hydrated when on holidays and the skin is no exception. Refreshing and invigorating, this newly launched light cream moisturizes the skin and contains active ingredients that help defend it from the harmful effects of urban pollution. It also protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays thanks to a SPF 20 filter. The light water cream continuously optimizes the moisturization for the epidermis and helps to recreate a film on the surface and gradually releases the moisturizing agents contained in the Water Cream. Uriage Light Water Cream SPF20 40 ml RRP €23.00 - Available in pharmacies nationwide and at

Alpha H Absolute Eye Cream SPF15

The next generation in eye care, Absolute Eye Cream SPF 15 combines triple peptide technology with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB filters and antioxidant Enznogenol to protect and firm the delicate eye area, while stimulating collagen and minimising dark circles. Precise on the spot application is provided by the cool-touch ceramic applicator wand, which instantly tightens, refreshes and relieves fatigue. Press tube gently while gliding applicator over orbital bone. Pat product into skin lightly with fingertips to complete application. Use sparingly.  Suitable for all skin types, especially dehydrated, ageing and sun damaged. Absolute Eye Cream SPF 15 RRP €50 - Available at

Uriage Bariesun Lipstick SPF 30

Protect your lips from harmful UVA and UVB rays with the Uriage Bariesun Lipstick SPF30. It’s good to protect our lips with a balm in all-weather but add in sun protection with Uriage Bariesun Lipstick SPF30 for maximum safety for the sun’s rays. Uriage Bariesun Lipstick SPF 30 effectively protects lips from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays while restoring softness and comfort. Thanks to its anti UVA-UVB filtering complex, this stick provides high protection, perfect for everyday use, all year round. With a moisturizing base, enriched with vitamins A, C and E as well as essential fatty acids, the stick nourishes lips as well as being water-resistant. Uriage Bariesun Lipstick SPF 30 RRP €10 - Available in pharmacies nationwide and at 

IDC Hydra Seal SPF 25 50ml

Another fabulous moisturizer, the IDC Hydra Seal SPF 25 utilises a technology unique to IDC, the Regen – 16, a molecule complex combining the greatest diversity of cosmetic ingredients to their optimal dosages simultaneously targeting the 16 main mechanisms related to signs of skin aging. 

Soothes and reduces the skin irritation due to UV ray exposure
Optimizes the effectiveness of Regen 16 concentrate and serums
Protects skin against dehydration while assuring natural synthesis its inherent moisturizing elements
Keeps skin soft and smooth
Locks in moisture and allows the  high concentration of IDC™ active ingredients to work to their full potential
Offers long-lasting moisturizing protection
Tested under dermatological control
Not tested on animals
Paraben Free

IDC Hydra Seal SPF 25 50ml RRP €48

Uriage Bariesun XP Crème SPF 50+

Very High Protection - Thanks to a high-performance filtering complex, this cream provides anti UVA-UVB protection for extremely photosensitive skin (including post-operation protection, photodermatoses, photosensitivity, autoimmune diseases, and pigmentation disorders).  With its powerful anti-free radical properties, Uriage Thermal water works in synergy with vitamins C and E to protect cellular DNA.  This cream is highly safe and photostable, fragrance – free and lightly tinted.  This product is enriched with Aquaspongines and Uriage Thermal water the cream provides intense protection against dryness. Uriage Bariesun XP Crème SPF 50+ 40ml RRP €20 Available in pharmacies nationwide and at

PAYOT Sun Sensi Crème Visage Protective Anti-Aging Face Cream SPF 30

A protective anti-aging face cream with Cell-Protect complex. PAYOT Sun Sensi Crème Visage Protective Anti-Aging Face Cream SPF30 is a comfortable, non-greasy cream that offers perfect sun protection to the skin. This cream protects the skin from UV rays, even in very sunny weather. Its soothing action suits perfectly intolerant skin: this treatment provides close protection for the most sensitive skin. Ideal for light or intolerant skin, the beginning of stay or intense sunlight for all skin types. PAYOT is a cosmetic brand with an international reputation, born in 1920 of the extraordinary vision of one woman: Nadia Payot. As a doctor, Nadia Payot sought products providing visible results and respect for the skin above all. Her friendship with the ballerina Anna Pavlova reinforced her convictions where she was struck by the difference between the dancer’s youthful body and the fatigue that could be seen on her face. By combining her medical skills with beauty, but also specific movements with beauty care, she developed what she called the “physical culture” of the face. This concept led to the development of the 42-Movement Facial Protocol, representing a vital part of the brand’s heritage. PAYOT Sun Sensi Crème Visage Protective Anti-Aging Face Cream SPF30 RRP €30

Uriage Water Serum

This moisturizing serum targets all the layers of the skin with its active ingredients to restore the natural moisturization mechanisms.  A formula enriched with powerful moisturizing agents to revive the thirstiest skin and deliver comfort, softness and radiance.  As invisible as it is comfortable, this moisturizing serum works its magic at every level of the skin to restore its natural hydrating system, thanks to the serum’s active ingredients.  This Water Serum enriched with Uriage Thermal Water helps to rebuild the skin barrier to maintain an optimum moisturization level.  This serum moisturizes, regenerates, illuminates the complexion. Uriage Water Serum 30ml RRP €25 Available in pharmacies nationwide and at

LIERAC SUNISSIME Rehydrating Repair Balm Global Anti-Ageing

LIERAC SUNISSIME Rehydrating Repair Balm Global Anti-Ageing is a balm with anti-wrinkle, anti-slackening and anti-irregular pigmentation action. This after-sun repairing care contains anti-wrinkle action to help repair skin from the effects of photo-ageing. Extract of witch hazel, omega 3 and 9 and hyaluronic acid all work together to keep skin calm without any irregularities to your skin.
Apply on your face and décolleté after sun exposure. For an intense skin repairing effect, apply in a thick layer and leave on for five minutes before removing excess product. LIERAC SUNISSIME Rehydrating Repair Balm Global Anti-Ageing RRP €31

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