Once a Day Protection with P20

P20 Sunscreen is developed to provide THE best sun protection, with founder Claus Riemann’s vision of creating products with an “objectively identifiable effect” that people can experience themselves. P20 Sunscreen launched in 1979 as the very first high sunscreen factor on the market and offered the extra benefit of needing only one application a day.

What makes P20 different from other sunscreens is its unique composition of extremely photostable UVA and UVB filters, which are very slowly degraded by the sun. In addition, the explanation lies in a complex formulation of various ingredients that make the product adhere to the skin and remains on the skin, even though it is affected by water. The combination of these two factors makes P20 Sunscreen last for up to 10 hours and is very waterproof. These properties are documented in clinical trials conducted by independent testing institutes.

What is the correct amount to be applied?
In order for your once a day protection to be effective, it is important to know how much sunscreen to apply. The average adult needs to apply 30-40mls of product during each application to ensure sufficient coverage and effective protection. Parts of the body often forgotten are the back of the neck, the front of the upper part of the chest and the backs of the legs.

Remains effective after a swim
P20 has proven to remain effective when exposed to water. Even after 80 minutes in the water, P20 retains the same level of protection as previous to being exposed to water. P20 has been categorized as “Very Water Resistant”, which is the highest classification possible in Cosmetics Europe’s water resistance classification system. P20 does not contain any perfume, colorants or artificial preservatives.

P20 is available in factor 15, 20, 30 and 50 (100ml - €20.00, 200ml - €30.00)
P20 Sunscreen is stocked in pharmacies, department stores and airports nationwide.

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