New Wet N Wild Collection

New 2017 Collection 

Goodbye Flashback! Hello Photo Focus™

With the Photo Focus™ line, you’ll never fear the flash again! The products in this range - Photo Focus™ Pressed Powder, €5.00 Photo Focus™   Foundation, €6.95 and Photo Focus™ Concealer, €4.00 - have been tested in 7 different lighting conditions, with impeccable results! Unlike normal products, whose white particles reflect the light, creating a flash effect on the face, the Photo Focus™ products boast an anti-flash, light-adjusting technology that guarantees a matte effect and helps to diffuse the light.

Stay on top every time with this go-anywhere, multi-purpose make-up stick!
Introducing Megaglo™ Make up Sticks, €4.65, a multi-purpose make-up ally: a concealer and highlighter that can also be used for contouring. The velvety-smooth cream-to-powder formula makes it super easy to blend in seamlessly. The formula of the highlighter is enhanced with pearl pigments for a three-dimensional effect. Megaglo™ Make up Sticks are formulated with Vitamin E to help improve texture and with silica for a matte finish.

Available in 4 shades- Highlight- When The Nude Strikes Conceal- Follow Your Bisque, Nude For Thought, You’re A Natural

Mega Glo™ highlighting powder! Shine like a superstar!

Mega Glo™ highlighting powder, €5.25 by wet n wild® delivers that special touch to light up your visage for a subtle yet radiant look. This highlighting powder works to enhance the skin, giving it a natural colour and glow, formulated with a wealth of scintillating pearl pigments

Available in 2 shades: Precious Petals, Crown of my Canopy

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