Keeping your talons in check with Aba Group

Aba Group are a company from Poland specialising in filing articles, including single use articles, used in cosmetic industry. The products which they offer successfully satisfy even the most demanding customers. Due to the high quality products customers are loving the products. Aba group can also offer personalised prints - which can make your company's marketing even stronger.

Nail file in shapes: Standard and Slim : Straight, Banana,Crescent, XL, Elipse, Diamond are available in following gradations:

- 80/80; 80/100; 100/100; 100/180; 180/240
- Mini File
- Sponge Separators
- Flip Flops
- Nail Drill Bits
- and much more accessories.

I received all of these products a few weeks back. I love receiving nail mail. Is there any better mail lol. I set of trialing these products. As a nail technician I complete lots of sets of nails weekly. No better way to try out these products. I found the durability of these to be the thing that stood out. Sometimes with files you can get one maybe two good sets of nails out of them and they have to be thrown away. With these that is not the case. I have easily done 20 sets of nails with some of these and they are still perfect. I actually can't get over how durable they are. They are available in all shapes and gradients. These are so economical that you could have a file for each person. No well-groomed woman or man would be without a nail file stashed away in their bag or bathroom cabinet. They are, the best way of creating the perfect base for a manicure. A workman is only as good as his tools. Therfore all files are not equal. These files are available from Aba Group and are 59c per file which is an amazing price. 

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