Tomitago Balm for Men

So who are Tomitago for those who don't know? Tomitago are based in Piltown, Co. Kilkenny. All of the products manufactured are 100% chemical free. This is a great merit of the products as chemicals are very dangerous for the skin as they disrupt the acid mantle causing lots of problems in regards to dehydration, fine lines, premature ageing. One product suits all with this range so it can be used on all skin types. Tomitago are good old fashion Irish homegrown products and 1 100% love their range. 

So a few weeks back I was sent three of the new products in the range. The three new products are their body scrub, the body lotion and the Tomitago for men. Paul has been trying the Tomitago for men over the past few weeks for me. Tomitago for men hydrates and soothes after shaving,can be used all over face and neck as a high quality moisturiser and can even be used as a beard balm to soften hairs and prevent that dreaded growing out itch (dont worry-it will soak right in and not sit on top). Just wash your face, apply and go! It really is as convenient as that. So I explained all of this to Paul and he started using the product. He uses the elixir from time to time so this was a change as it looked different but smelled very similar. 

Normally after shaving Paul's neck reacts and is very red and sore looking. Immediately after using the Tomitago Balm there was no reaction and the skin was very soft and supple. This has been the only balm he has used which there has been no reaction following shaving. I have to say his skin is looking amazing lately and that is down to this balm. It can be used as an aftershave balm, a beard balm, and also a general face balm/moisturiser. No need for loads of products. One product does it all. The balm is white and all you need is a small amount, rub between the hands to slightly warm it and then apply all over the face.

The balm is available on the Tomitago website here for €25.00. We highly recommend this balm, especially for the men in your life. It smells amazing, works wonderfully leaving soft supple skin as a result. 

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