Rachsbeautique is three.

Welcome to 2018, Rachsbeautique is three years old today and what a three years it has been. I was initally very apprehensive about starting a blog but it has been a great three years. The blogging world has changed dramatically in those three years but I have stayed true and credible as I promised.  I was never about the likes or the shares it was always about recommending products or services which I fully would stand up and put my word on. 

I love the blogging world as diverse as it is, but sometimes it can become a little too overwhelming where ya have to take a little step back and ground yourself again. It is easy to get carried away and snowed under with the blog but at the end of the day it is a hobby to me so I will never put it top of my priorities list. 

I know when I need to put myself first and take a step back. On a more postive note heres a great year and hopefully this time next year I will be celebrating 4 years on the blogosphere. Heres to great things to come! 

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