New THOMAS SABO Rebel at Heart Fragrances

Free spirits, unimpressed by conventions and comfortable with their emotions – Today’s rebels experience adventure and freedom, are open to new discoveries and transform this energy into a source of inner power. This casual and yet incorruptible attitude inspired THOMAS SABO to create the two new men’s fragrances; Rebel at heart Dark Woods and Rebel at heart Gentle Woods €37.95.

Rebel at heart Dark Woods reflects the sensuous, deep and incorruptible side of a man with spices in the head notes, Musk in the base notes and Cedar Wood, Lemon and Lavender in the heart notes. “Dark Woods is homage to the free personality of the modern rebel, expressed by lemon-fresh notes and the contrast between cold andhot notes of spice. The high proportion of notes of wood highlights the dark,profound facet.” Richard Ibanez, Perfumer.

Rebel at heart Gentle Woods highlights the masculine, powerful-fresh side of the modern rebel with green-floral accord and spicy notes of lemon combined with high quality woods, notes like leather and moss.

In addition to the choice fragrance composition, their symbol is the iconic lily skull from the THOMAS SABO Rebel at heart jewellery line which is decorated impressively with the Fleur de Lys and represents freedom, strength, rebellion and uniqueness.

The Rebel at heart fragrances are available in all THOMAS SABO shops and shop-in- shops, in the online shop at and from selected partners.

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