Inspired by Korean beauty, Happy Skin creates natural skincare you can use every day. From aloe to roses, the label uses nature's healing properties and ingredients long known to make skin healthy to create products that enhance your natural beauty and keep your complexion fresh.

Collagen is essentially the glue for our bodies, providing strength and structure for our skin. As we age, collagen production slows down and we depend on external sources like collagen face masks to rejuvenate our skin.

Happy Skin’s rayon cotton Collagen facial sheet masks are drenched in a powerful and effective serum to reduce the signs of aging skin. Like a super-food for your face, these collagen masks help to restore the skin’s luminosity and firmness. The mask contains absolutely no parabens, sulphates or phthalates and the rayon cotton material allows them to stay moist for longer, giving skin time to absorb the 25g of nourishing ingredients.

Collagen (RRP £4.95/€5.95) – Fine lines and sagging skin are a sign you are losing collagen. Reduce the appearance of skin ageing with this collagen enriched face mask. Happy Skin sheet masks are available to purchase in selected salons and pharmacies across ROI and UK.

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