Get Ready To Glow Darker With Bellamianta’s Revolutionary New Ultra Dark Self Tanning Tinted Mousse.

Catering to your every tanning need, Bellamianta - Ireland's Number 1 Luxury Tanning Brand - are back with a sensational new product, sure to become a permanent staple of your face and body bronzing collection. 

Just in time for a sizzling summer, Ireland's favourite tan is thrilled to announce the newest member of the revolutionary Bellamianta family: Ultra Dark Self Tanning Tinted Mousse, a luxurious and easy to use mousse offering a deep olive glow that's set to become the number one tan for the summer season. 

True to the nutritional nature of all Bellamianta products, Ultra Dark Self Tanning Tinted Mousse is bursting with natural extracts making it far more than a beauty accessory but the ultimate skin treatment too. This lightweight streak-free formula dries in a staggering 60 seconds – meaning you can carry on with the rest of your day. Ultra Dark's gorgeous olive-toned guide colour means it's ready-to-wear, while the tan continues to develop into that deep, olive glow, nourishing your skin as it works. For the deepest darkest glow, leave Ultra Dark to develop for 4-6 hours+. Thanks to odour-neutralising technology, there's no fake-tan smell whatsoever, and because of the ultra hydrating properties of Ultra Dark, you're guaranteed a seamless application and an even, effortless wear-off after up to 7 days of tanning perfection. 

Bellamianta welcome this beautiful tan not only to add to their growing collection of show-stopping products - among which the cult favourite Liquid Gold Self Tanning Tinted Lotion is included - but as a response to Irish women's increasing confidence with premium tan and their collective desire to experiment with deeper shades. For so long, there was an air of trepidation surrounding darker tanning products. What if it's too much? What if it goes wrong? Is it too dark for me? But with an ultra-smart, hydrating formula such as this one, that adheres effortlessly to the natural skin tone, there's nothing to fear. Finally, your dreams of going darker can be realised. All of the ultra dark benefits, with none of the tanning concerns. Your deepest golden tan for both face and body awaits. Are you ready to glow darker this summer?

Bellamianta Luxury Tan has fast become one of Ireland’s best-selling and favourite tanning brands. The brand’s revolutionary self-tanning products are all formulated with natural extracts; they are the ultimate skin treatment for all skin types! The ultra-smart hydration system ensures that while this tan dries in in 60 seconds, the light formulas are still working to hydrate the skin ensuring that the transfer and water resistant tan wears off evenly with none of the dreaded snakeskin effect and no fake tan smell through the use of odour neutralising technology.

When you cross tanning with skin-based nutrition, you arrive at Bellamianta. Healthy, clean formulas that don’t compromise on performance. Bellamianta Luxury Tan’s New Ultra Dark Mousse Is Available Via and Stockists Across The Country. I cannot wait to try this new formula. I loved the liquid. I am mad to try the liquid gold also, this looks fantastic. Available from local stockist such as Stratus Healthcare, Sam McCauleys, Mulligans. 

RRP – €25 / £19.99

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