Is your skin looking for a quick pick-me-up after too much time in the sun? Happy Skin’s Aloe Vera sheet masks promise to help repair and care for post-holiday skin. As your tan starts to fade, skin can start feeling dehydrated and uncomfortable. These masks contain Aloe Vera extract – a natural and deep moisturising agent to combat and soothe weary skin. 

With 25g of active ingredients per sheet, they’re ultra-hydrating and stay moist for longer than traditional sheet masks, giving your skin time to absorb the ingredients.  The great news is that these masks are compact enough to fit into your travel bag, ideal for use post-flight or after the beach to give skin an instant boost and leave you looking refreshed and radiant. 

Aloe Vera (RRP £4.95/€5.95) - Aloe Vera extract is a natural and deep moisturising agent. It’s healing, moisture inducing properties will soothe and moisturise the skin.

Happy Skin sheet masks are available to purchase in selected salons and pharmacies across ROI and UK.

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