Real Techniques® becomes the First Makeup Brush Brand to be Sent into Space

The #1 YouTube makeup brush brand1 reaches astronomical new heights to mark the launch of latest limited-edition Brush CrushTM collection

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for beauty. Internationally acclaimed makeup tool brand, Real Techniques®, is proud to announce its first ever successful space mission to celebrate the launch of the latest limited-edition collection, Brush CrushTM Volume 2.

Working with the ‘near space experts’ Sent Into Space, Real Techniques® launched its latest galaxy-inspired collection from Earth on the 1 August at 10:24 BST using an enormous helium-filled balloon. The brushes ascended at a rate of 5 metres per second for 116 minutes and travelled to an incredible altitude of 36,338 metres, with 19,000 metres being the official point that marks the boundary of near space. Real Techniques is happy to report that there were in fact traces of beauty junkies in space!

Sent Into Space confirmed that the galactic-themed brushes are “the first makeup brushes ever to be sent into space”, flying up over four times the height of Mount Everest; above 99 per cent of the Earth’s atmosphere by mass and being exposed to temperatures of -57c at peak altitude.

Inspired by a lunar colour palette of icy silver and ombre violet hues, the new Brush CrushTM Volume 2 collection features the following beauty tools that were involved on the pioneering voyage:

300 Powder Brush (RRP €15.99) The arched shape of this powder brush makes for perfect powder application
301 Foundation Brush (RRP £12.99€15.99) The rounded buffing brush is ideal for both cream and liquid foundation
302 Blush Brush (RRP €15.99) The tapered tip of the blush brush allows for concentrated blush application
Cosmic Sponge Duo Brush (RRP €9.99) The multi-faceted design works on multiple areas of the face
Real Techniques® is dedicated to continuing to supply innovative beauty breakthroughs with proven prestige performance tools that offer superior application.

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